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Starting week 7

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Just finished the 6th week of my 8 week 24/7 chemo regimine. Wednesday was bad throwing up all morning then finally able to empty all the built up crap. I think that is what caused the throw up because I was so blocked up. Outside of that and being tired not to bad. Pray the next couple weeks are good. Everyone keep up the will power like so many of us are doing. Jeff

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Had been wondering about the new regime. You are amazing.....already into the 6th week.
Glad it isn't too bad.
ENJOY your weekend! I see on the weekend post you will be getting visitors from far away......that will be nice.

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Ugggh, what a regimine you have been on with daily infusions, hoping it's kicking cancers butt....have you had any scans yet?? Scans upcoming?? Enjoy your visitors :)

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Joined: Sep 2011

Will get scans after the 8th week which Im really nervous about. If scans are decent I might start on the new chemo Zaltrap. Scans should be around the first of October. Jeff

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I admire your courage and am praying you will get through it with good results.

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with this regimen. 3/4 done!

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Rootin' for you and cheering you on. Look how far you have made it. Only two more to go.
You can do it!



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24/7 I've never heard of treatment that was 8 weeks of 24/7. That has to be terrible. So sorry that you are not feeling well but can totally understand with that much stuff in you. Praying for you daily and hoping that you feel better soon.


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