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Blood Tests

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Good Saturday Morning Everyone,

I had my scan on early part of July and it was good. So I was so happy for that. Then at the Oncologist office they did my cbc and my white count was 4.8 which finally I was happy with. And my rbc was 4.33 and platlets were 134. I thought I was in the range of things. Well I am on blood thinners and my Cardiologist does a cbc every three month , so they called yesterday and said my wbc dropped to 3.3 and rbc 3.89 the only thing that went up are my platlets to 142 .
I am so wondering why they would drop. I believe they dont worry about that too much.
It was lower then that after my chemo and radioimmuntherapy. So I suppose I should not complain. Just seem to be more tired. Maybe I am getting old. LOL. Hope you all are doing well. Hilde

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I just read your post. I'm wondering if your cardiologist automatically shares the blood test results with your oncologist? I would ask him to. I don't know what the results mean but if I were you that's what I would do. That way at least they will address it if it's of any concern.

Hope it helps.


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Hi Hilde,
I was just comparing your counts to my last counts to get an idea of where you were at and the only count that appears to be lower than what they show under the reference range is your wbc 3.3. and your Platelets. My reference chart shows 4.0-11.0(wbc) is the guideline they look at. So..yours is just a hair under the 4.0. The range for platelets is 150-450. So..your platelet is pretty close to being in the normal range. Hopefully both of your counts (wbc and plateles) arn't so low to make a big difference or cause too much concern?..I just don't know. My last counts(Aug 21) were: wbc 5.3 and rbc 4.45. Platelet count was 237. My Onc said all was good, so I just go with his words. When I compare my counts to the refererance range it does appear mine are at the lower end numbers instead of higher range....so...I don't know if that is good or bad, per say. I would think with you feeling more tired, it's probably because your counts need to come up. I wonder if there is something we can do to "boost" our counts...I should do some reading on that. Well sweetie...I'm glad your feeling "pretty" good and appreciate you checking in...I think about you often and wonder how things are going. Take care Hilde and hope to talk again soon. :) Much love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Thank you for answering my post. It was so nice to hear from you.
Sounds like you are doing ok. I am so happy for that.
My blood work just never recovered ever since the Zevalin. I know I am still in remission,
sometimes I wonder though.
I had it in my bone marrow. So I wonder now how does anyone know it is not there still.
I suppose I should ask my Oncologist these question and everytime I go there I just seem to forget when I get there. Sure hope you are well. I could go on but wont bore you with my issues. It is so nice to hear from you. Much love to you Hilde

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