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How do you clean your teeth outside home

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I start working next week and wondering what will be best way to clean my teeth at work. For me just brushing the teeth does not take away all the food from gums. I have to use waterpik at home.

Would be great if you can give my any tips from your experiences,

I have seen that gargling with warm water seems to dislodge a good amount of food. So for now planning to gargle and brush, but that may not be enough.


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I have dentures, and don't hesitate to brush them where ever after eating. Also just rinsing really good with biotene works too. You can always do a better job once you get home. The first couple of times I had to pop them out....and felt like a freak. But now what ever it takes do it ! We are learning to live with the new us...and will get to our own comfort zone hopefully soon ! Katie

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I am going to order this product based on the excellent Amazon.com reviews about the great quality and customer service. This might be a good option for use when away from home since it is portable and the charge lasts for a week or more. Here is a link to a YouTube video that someone posted showing how it works in actual use... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qb4jcp9aN8w

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D Lewis
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Some good suggestions have already been made here. I travel with a small bag of stuff for my mouth and a small bag of stuff for my eyes (vision issues here also). Mostly at work, I depend on flossing, vigorous gargling, brushing, and swishing with Biotene rinse... every time I eat.


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Ok got it.

Oral irrigator sounds good too. I might give that a try.


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