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An open letter to one of my hero's Johnnybegood

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I don't think I've told you this and I apologize for not doing it sooner. JohnnyBeGood you are one of my hero's and let me explain why.
Some people say that hero's are people that save children from burning buildings or someone who stops a woman from being accosted by someone else with evil intent, or even the fictional like Superman who saves the world...and yes, they are hero's, then there are the hero's such as yourself. Of course you don't think you're a hero (a hero never thinks they are)but you are to me.
I aspire to be as gracious, as brave, as kindhearted as yourself.
You have been through so much and continue to go through even much more, and yet you have taken the time to encourage others, you take the time to reach out and touch others with encouragement, with your heart, your soul and your being...and that my dear is all of the requirements to be a hero.
Today you are not doing well, but your mama said you are keeping water and crackers down, do you see why I think your a hero? Because we all know that in the shape you are in you are still working so hard, we know that being able to nibble on that cracker, to take that sip of water requires so much will power and we are so proud that you are DOING IT!!!
Even though a part of you has said enough, you show in your heart and soul that it isn't. That you are willing to go through the gates of hell and back to survive, but not for yourself, but for your husband, for your family, you are selfless.
As for this little setback, you can do this, you can recover quite nicely, it's just another rough spot in this world of cancer, a rough spot you are already overcoming.
I'm proud to know you, I'm proud to stand by and with all my being wish you well through this TEMPORARY rough spot, you are one of my heros.
Now keep eating those crackers and work your way up to soup. You keep going on, you keep being you.
I love you girl for who you are, and thank you for being who you are.
Winter Marie
(a former rodeo princess ((never won queen, LOL)))

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Thank you so much Winter for the encouragement and the beautiful letter. I'm sure that Johnnybegood will appreciate it also. I know she will be back on here as soon as she feels better. She has more grit and determination in her little finger than I'll ever have in my whole body.

Love Ya,


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Winter Sue such a beautiful post. You and JohnnyBeGood Both have my vote for being a Hero, Both of you are in my thoughts and prayers.

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i have not been on here in the past 5 days because the mixture of meds they gave me,to make my platelets go up, has given me a terrible headache i could not focus.then i read this post from you and could not focus because of the tears.thank you so much and you are right i dont feel like a hero.everyone on this board patients and caregivers are heros.but if we sit back and pretend to be someone else,someone who is just sitting on the sidelines and watching our daily lives,yes we can call that person a hero.i dont know about any one else but i am not going thru all this crap for me.i am doing this for the love that i have for my family.i am not good with words like a lot of you are so THANK YOU Winter Marie for making me the hero for the day.good luck with your upcoming treatments...Godbless...johnnybegood

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Lovely post Winter :) Johnny, I sure hope the doctors figure something out to make you feel better. I'm not good with words either. I type something read it and it's just looks completely dumb, I erase it, and I just cannot express what I'm feeling in words. Many prayers coming your way sweetie.

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Glad to see you posting. And winter what a lovely post hugs

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we started this journey about the same time you were always there with kind words, my thoughts and prayers to you girl!!!!!

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I think that everyone of us who dares to challenge this beast called cancer are heroes. Those that don't give up and those that know when it is time to make big decisions about the future are equally heroic, to me. My colleagues tell me that they fully expect me to power through this speed bump knowing my personality. Winston Churchill is credited with saying: “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Seems we are not only heroic but optimistic as well. Prayers of strength, healing and never ending optimism. Art

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What a lovely post... It brings to mind just how important we all are in each other's journey. Prayers for strength and healing for all of us.


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Keep those crackers and sips of water going. We all know what will power is and Johhny you have it. Look forward seeing you back here. Jeff

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Winter Marie.....may I just say you have excellent taste in heroes.

Johnny is THE BEST

she never shouts and she never yells.....she just keeps keepin on....I too have absolute love and respect for her....

well done both of you


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I'll roar for her!



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go Leo.......



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What a lovely post. Always think of her and everyone on this board daily. Just glad that she is out of the hospital and hopefully recovering. You are a hero to Winter as you always are there to help encourage others so thank you too dear.


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