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Tongue Cancer - Stage 1 - Surgery Successful

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Dear All,

Thanks for your great support for encouraging and moral support. My friend diagnosed with tongue cancer (Stage 1) 2 months back and decided to go for surgery. Surgery done on September 3 at Vellore CMC hospital, Tamilnadu, India. Dr removed 1/3 rd of the affected portion of the tongue and replaced with left arm muscle. They did neck dissection also and removed all lumps formed there on precaution basis. It was 12 hrs surgery done by group of experienced surgeons.

Today is 11th day and my friend is able to drink water and liquid food via mouth. She is talking as well. She may get discharged from hospital within couple of days.

Biopsy result came yesterday. They analyzed 2 areas. One on the exterior portion of the removed tongue and other from lumps taken out from the neck area. There is no presence of cancer cells. Dr confirmed that they removed all the affected portion of the tongue. However we need to take one more scan after 6 weeks to reconfirm. Keep you posted.

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Pam M
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Hoping your friend has a speedy recovery. Sounds like its going well already.

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Hope the scan proves excellent results...


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Great news for your friend, and great news for all of us. I can speak for everyone when I say we love success stories.

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Very happy for you!!!


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