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Aren't feeding tubes fun

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Got up this morning and prepared my blended gourmet breakfast in my Ninja blendsr; a great way to start your morning. I closed my tube to fill the syringe with water to flush the tube and when I pulled on the doo-hicky (plug) to allow me to insert ihe syringe the stupid thing broke off in my hand. Now this was a "first" for me. I've had tubes pop out and I've had tubes crack and start to leak but I have never had a doo-hicky break off in my hand. Well I thought to myself, "self, this is not a big deal", I've been through the process many times so I just loaded my scrawny butt in the car and off to the hospital ER at 0930 am. Registerd and went back to my holding cell where I was told they did not have a 24 guage (fr) tube only 20 guage but they would look within the hospital for something larger. EIGHT HOURS later I was told all they could do was insert the smaller tube. Since I didn't have many options that's what happened. Now it takes me twice as long to inject my food, I can't pinch the tube to stop flowback because it is a more rigid plastic and it isn't nearly as flexible which causes a problem with my seatbelt if I don't remamber to move it up when I sit down.

Truthfully this is a minor irritant. I'm still on the right side of dirt, I can eat, and there were some folks I saw during my eight hour sightseeing tour who were in really bad shape so I'll shut up and pour a shot of Jack through my puny tube.

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You Denny, are an amazing man.....

Glad we are on the top side of the dirt,

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"holding cell", lol.
gotta like your attitude!

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Broke off, pop out, crack, leak, 24 gauge, 20 gauge, rigid, flexible, what the heck is going on over there? I think I need a shot of Jack.

Hang loose, flush out and fill up.



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Haven't heard that in a long time goes right along with " wactchamacallit". 8 hours in a holding cell yikes!!! Way tooooo long.


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You made me laugh....LOL. Great attitude Denny, I'm going to have to start following your example.


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Pam M
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Will they be able to replace the narrow tube with the "right" size?

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always good to eat slow and chew your food well

always good to have Jack as a chaser

you the man with a plan


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I hope I don't offend you, but I really needed a laugh this morning and your story just struck me as humorous. I am sorry you had to wait so long and ended up with an inferior tube, but your use of words was great.

Barbara B
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Oh my goodness! Your story reminded me of the time when I forgot to release one of the "plugs" on the side of my husband's feeding tube and turned on the pump. Next thing I knew there was chocolate shake all over the walls.

You have a great attitude and that can be half the battle.

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D Lewis
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Forget the 'holding cell.' Sounds like a quick trip to a Hardware Store or a Lab Supply House would have done you a lot more good. It's still not too late. I'm betting you could find lots of suitable flexible doo-hickys and whatchamacallits on your own...

... and there's always duct tape.

Thanks for the chuckle.


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Obviously, life was getting too easy for you. Your spirit guide arranged a little challenge so you won't be bored.

Eddie J
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just diagonosed just joined mr radiologist said i had to get one of those tubes glad to know i can put some high octane in them

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jim and i
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Thanks for the laugh Denny. Jim had the rigid small tube first, now has the larger Love the "right side of the dirt" comment. Here's praying all you survivors stay on the right side of the dirt.



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