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Spiral Cell Sarcoma

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My father (66 year old) was diagnosed with a 10cm sarcoma in his upper left thigh and surrounding lymph nodes last week. Today the radiation oncologist told him it was spiral cell but I can't seem to find any research on this type? Has anyone heard of spiral cell sarcoma? They are doing another CT scan just to confirm that it has not metastasized to any other areas but it does not appear to have at this point. They are doing 6 weeks of daily radiation then surgery to remove. They have not said anything yet about prognosis but that it is high grade. Can anyone offer some insight into what we can expect, what spiral cell means and chances of success? Thanks in advance, at a loss here and want to gather knowledge! Tara

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it's a connective tissue cancer, they call it spindle cell because of the way it looks under a scope. Find out if it is called fibromyxosarcoma. That is what i had, I understand it is fairly rare. The 2nd time I had it was in my left Inguinal lymph nodes. I am currently on Nexavar as my cancer returned and is wrapped around my aorta dn my vena cava. The Nexavar has kept it from growing and spreading.
Be sure you ahve top notch oncologist and surgeon. This list may help you find the best in your area.

If you are in NYC or LA area let me know as I have excellent doctors in both locations. Stay positive, it is survivable. All the best.


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