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Proton PSA Question

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A good friend of mine has completed Proton Therapy at Loma Linda. I do not know his 'stats' but his wife shared on facebook that at 6 months post treatment his PSA was 1.

I know that different treatment options have different results.
Does anyone know if 1 is a good indication following Proton?

Of course there is the posibility that his wife mistated and PSA was .1 instead of 1.

larry (lewvino)
da-vinci surgery

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After having proton treatment my psa drop to 0.3, but within 6 months it was back to 1.0. Which is not good and went to Lupron treatment which also help for a short time and four years later I'm with my new lover called Zytiga with Lupron!

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm hoping the man's wife forget to mention a decimal point!
I've known Ernie for about 30 years. They live in Upper Michigan while we live in TN.
He hasn't answered emails which is OK.

My dad had Proton treatments at Loma Linda 13+ Years ago and he is doing great.
Another friend at Church also had Proton about 4 years ago. He is doing pretty good but has had recurrance now of bladder cancer.

lewvino (Larry)

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FWIW, I don't think there's any difference in the expectation for the PSA results for any post radiation treatment -- be it proton, IMRT, BT or CK.

The expectation is for a PSA nadir below 1 w/in 2-3 years following treatment. Some get there sooner than others. Kongo and other CK patients have reported below 1 PSA scores only 3-6 months after treatment. However, I was still above 1 almost 2 years following CK. Just took my 2nd anniversary PSA test today and am hoping it's closer to 1 than it was 3 months ago.

We'll see . . .

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Hi Larry
It is nice to read another post of yours. I wonder how things progress with you.
Regarding your query, there is a site dedicated to Proton treatment (Brotherhood of the Balloon) where you may get a satisfactory answer. Here is the link;


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Here's hoping you get a drop in your PSA. All the best.

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Thanks, Beau!

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