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This might be useful

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http://www.patientslikeme.com It's a bit like a forum but people compare and rate their treatments. Seems good for people self medicating or experimenting too.

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THanks! It looks interesting. I will join and evaluate it also.

Best Always, mike

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"How does PatientsLikeMe make money? We take the information
patients like you share about your experience with the disease
and sell it to our partners (i.e., companies that are developing
or selling products to patients). These products may include
drugs, devices, equipment, insurance, and medical services.

Except for the restricted personal information you entered when
registering for the site, you should expect that every piece of
information you submit (even if it is not currently displayed)
may be shared with our partners and any member of PatientsLikeMe,
including other patients. We do not rent, sell or share
personally identifiable information for marketing purposes or
without explicit consent. Because we believe in transparency, we
tell our members exactly what we do and do not do with their

By selling this data and engaging our partners in conversations
about patient needs, we're helping them better understand the
real world medical value of their products so they can improve
them. We are also helping companies accelerate the development of
new solutions for patients.

PatientsLikeMe is a for-profit company (with a
not-just-for-profit attitude). Every partnership we develop must
bring us closer to aligning patient and industry interests. Our
end goal is improved patient care and quality of life. "

From: http://www.patientslikeme.com/help/faq/Corporate#m_money

There's no such thing as a "free ride", or even a "free lunch",
and it's best to be -very- aware of that!

Better health to all!


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