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Hi everybody me and my family are taking a much needed vacation to NorthField Ohio we fly out today there be time spent at the club which will include a clam bake yummy,some ski shooting,the zoo and whatever else we can find to do my uncle is a 33 year survivor of vastecular,testecular,lymphoma cancer at the age of 22 he was told that even with surgery and 8 months of chemo it would add 15 years to his life well that was 33 years ago and hes doing great so he was a big supporter in my treatment as was everybody on this board so it should be a fun trip i just want to get back to normal and start working again here is hoping for clean scans octorber 24 and when i get back they will be working on my dental.

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So glad you're able to go on vacation with the family...how cool ! You sound like you have a wonderful strong family surrounding you. Just relax and kick 'er for the rest of us ! Safe trip...and will be waiting on reports of your adventures ! Katie

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Have a wonderful time Matt...enjoy it all!!!


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to Ohio, I'm about 3 hours south in Green Camp Township...have a great vacation, the weather's a little cloudy today, but suppose to be sunny and 72 rest of weekend


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accomplished in the last few months....a nice vacation with family.

Wonderful to hear you're looking forward to the clam bake....must mean that eating and tasting are coming back....(said phrannie the phood luster...LOL)....clam should be easy, and they are the perfect size for us to eat...they come in small bites :)


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Wonderful!! Enjoy that vacation and family time ...much deserved and you will get that great scan soon.!!! :)



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