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Low white blood count

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Had my first round of chemo last Thursday followed by three shots of nepogren. Went yesterday for blood work and was told my white blood count was very low and need around round of nepogren. So upset over this
Can anyone tell me does this happen a lot should I just expect that every time I go for blood work that it will be followed by more shot

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My blood counts were boosted by Neulasta shots. They can be more effective than the Neupogen and are astronomically expensive. Some people experience quite a bit of bone pain in the aftermath of Neulasta, but it does boost those white blood counts. Claritin can help with the bone pain. Ask your oncologist. I had Neulasta after every administration of adriamycin and cytoxin. Later, I had neupogen after taxotere. Hope this helps. xoxoxo Lynn

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Hi Lynn
Thank you so much, I will ask my doctor this morning about that when I go in for my second shot.
The bone pain was terrible, I have R.A and never excepted the pain to be like that. I will give the Claritin a shot.
Xo Christine

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Kristin N
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Chemo was not part of my treatment Christine, but, I hope that your onco can help you to get your white count back up. Keep us updated.

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I, too, had a very low white count after my first chemo. In fact, it was so low it didn't even register on the blood machine! Treated with major anti-biotics to keep infection away.
Remaining chemos were uneventful except for an allergic reaction to Taxotere.

I had Neulasta shots the day after chemo, but I'm not sure they weren't the cause of my "flu-like" symptoms on day 4 & 5.

You can help keep your white count up by eating lots of lean protein.

Good luck...it all comes to an end eventually!

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I would ask about changing to Nuelasta..it's one shot given the day following chemo....I've had it for ages:( ...it can and does cause some bone pain,) but many use, as posted, Claritin and find it really works....I've never once had low WBC....if you do switch, make sure it is administered SLOWLY....DON't be afraid to speak up to whom is giving it....

Wishing you better days and less shots!
Hugs, Nancy

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After each of my 6 sessions, my WBC was ZERO. They do expect it to drop, but not like THAT, so I was always watched very closely. I was advised to go home and sequester myself in the house for a few days until the Neulasta shot started working. They even said that the worst place I could go would be the Emergency Room if I started out with a fever during this time. All 6 sessions and wound up going to the ER only once, after the 4th session, because I had a 102 fever. Laid around in the ER for 4 hours and the fever broke and I went home.

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