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Glad to be done
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How often do you all have scans? When I had my check up last Friday with my doc I asked her when my next one would be. She said that I will not be having another one unless there is reason to do it. The CA 125 works for me so we are going with that. Of course if I feel symptoms or something then we will. She said doing continuous scans is worse for me. She is right. The day before I went there was an artiicle in our newspaper (or story on our news) about the radiation we open ourselves up to wtih mams and scans. CA 125 has worked for me since the beginning... Keep on working baby

Just curious how other docs do it

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My doctor recommends a follow up CT scan annually. My naturopath supports this view. It is fairly common for women, who have a recurrance in their lymph nodes, to have a normal CA-125, even if it is a good marker for them.

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2timothy1 7
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My doc said the same thing as yours. No scan unless I'm having symptoms or ca 125 goes up.

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My oncologist says basically no scan unless I'm having symptoms or CA 125 goes up. However, at the beginning of this year, I had a couple of CT scans and an MRI because I was having on and off abdominal pains. My doc eventually deduced that the pains were from a partial obstruction of my small intestine due to adhesions. Nothing else suspicious showed up on the scans and MRI, and honestly, I was glad to have the additional testing, just so my insides could be checked out.


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My old onc ordered Ct scan every 6 months. New onc has me get them every 3 months right now but I'm sure that will be stretched out. For me there is no reliable blood test. I feel better having them now. Maybe when I'm further away from the dx i will feel better not having them.

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Because my cancer is moving so fast I am having CT every two months. Now saying that in the past two weeks with me being in the hospital two times I had one on the Monday of last week and the Monday before that. I was in for 11 days with two days in between each stay so that is why two catscans.

Love, Hugs, and Prayers

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