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Transfusions tomorrow

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Hi Ladies

Well the day has finally come. After so much hassle trying to get everything setup, I am ready to go.
I will be at the hospital at 8 AM. I am going receive 3 units of blood, but if my counts come up faster, I can get by with just 2.

I feel like I have been waiting forever, even though it's only been weeks.
I am so hopeful that by this time next week I'll have a bunch more energy and my mind will be a lot less foggy.

I also am hopeful that the swelling will get better. I can hardley bend my feet, so walking is difficult. I actually fell down a few stairs on Tuesday. I think it happened because I am so lightheaded and my feet just don't bend the right way. I was very lucky, only black and blue and hurting in places that didn't hurt before.

Mostly I've just been so tired and sleeping. But I'll try to check in with you all.

Huge hugs to all

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I'm so glad you're getting your blood today. In fact, I'm excited for you! I think it will do wonders for how you feel and probably help with your lightheadedness too. Sorry to hear you took a tumble down some stairs this week - ouch! :( But glad you didn't get badly hurt.

When you feel up to it, please let us know how you're doing.


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you will feel so much better after. i am praying

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you start to feel better soon. Please be extra careful. I fell 3 times during chemo. It's like I couldn't trust my body to do what I expected it to do.


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I hope all goes well and you feel better once the transfustion is done. I have yet to have to have one but this last go around in the hospital my red blood count dropped and they were having problems with my blood pressure staying up. I am hopping I do not have to have one but it sound like a good thing afterwards please let me know how it goes so I know what to look forward to if I have to have one.

Love, Hugs, and Prayers

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