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Well Hello to all. Hope everyone is doing the best they can. I have not been on the Network for a few months. I am the type of guy who may recluse a bit if things do not go well. I was getting prepped up to have a Stem Cell transplant in July. Things were rolling along pretty well. I got all the way to stem cell harvest. But they could not extract enough stem cells from myself. They figured the stem cell donor list would be the best bet. Well I only had 4 matches world wide. All 4 fell through with mismatches after all. My wife is holding stem cell match drive for me. God bless my wife. She is amazing. I love her. Just got news a few days ago that they want to do a bone marrow harvest on me and use that for my transplant. I am so blessed that they approved this technique. My cancer has a high rate of return if no transplant is preformed. Thats what is up my friends. I will try and keep you all posted with my progress.

My prayers to you all.

Please say a prayer for Daddys Girl as well.


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    Hi Rory
    Hi Rory,

    Good to hear from you. I'm sorry they didn't find a suitable match
    yet but the bone marrow seems like a good option too.

    Don't worry about how often you post here. You are welcome any time.
    Besides, you're busy with that baby girl who recently turned one year old!

    We love baby pictures around here ;).

    Hugs and thanks for the prayers,