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Out of the hospital again

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I actually got out yesterday but my internet wasnt working. My nausea is much better than last time but I dont really have an appetite though since I got out, since im not getting all those IV meds but this high-dose nupegen is really bothering me. The bone pain. I have Dilaudid 2 mg and a Pain patch and I still cant get any relief. And also since they are making my white count really high im having fevers. I have to get 2 shots a day until my ANC reaches 10 and then they are going to start the stemcell collection. Hopefully by next weds. They said that takes 4-6 hours a day for about a week on average and then I get a week to recover and then I will get my high-dose treatment. My doctor said I will probably end up in the ICU for that so I am nervous but I just want to get it over with. Im really hoping I will be well by halloween. Its my favorite holiday and I haven't been able to celebrate it in years.

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Halloween used to be my favorite holiday also, and its the day before my birthday However last year2011 we were out looking for costumes and i couldnt understand why my jeans werent fitting and iwas having so much pain in my stomach, well we all know the reason now(stage 3). So here we are now and i am determined to make this holiday season a memorible one IN A GOOD WAY THIS TIME and i hope and pray Felicia that you are able to celebrate your favorite holiday this year in a good way as well (At least this year i have a head start on my costume i have a ton of wigs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope that made you smile)

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Being able to celebrating Halloween is a good goal. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way that your pain is kept under control, along with the other side effects, as you progress with your treatment.


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Felicia I hope this halloween is the best one ever.... You deserve to have some fun. Keep fighting....

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