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I am 5 weeks out now and have been fortunate to be able to eat without to much of an issue. Although I have not tested many of the foods I ate before being dx with cancer and treatments the ones I have are ok. My question is how long did it take to eat a full portion/plate of food. I used to eat a full plate of food and then some, obviously why I was over weight but thats not the point, the point is I could finish it. Now I fix a plate with a small portion of what I plan to eat and think no problem, then I find myself done eating and food left over. I think man that was not much food I should have finished it but just could not. No big deal its great to just be able to eat again and believe me Im grateful. I just wonder if the new Norm is less eating. Has anyone gotten back to eating as they did before treatment? Big bites and reasonable amounts of food. I know it takes small bites and lots of drink to finish foods now, I remember before cancer I could eat my meal and not drink a whole lot so I realize the obivious compromises that must take place. So to conclude I will be blessed as long as I can just eat so trust me not a big deal on how much, but since we all hope to get back to the way we were in many ways, I just wondered if this was in reach. PS I realize my weight loss shrunk my stomach and that may have something to do with it.

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Yep, I am now eating the way I used to back before dx. I would prefer to stay at my current weight but have been putting pounds back on due mostly to my love of dessert. It took just around 3-4 months for me to graduate from the small quantities to my old standard serving. But keep in mind that I had the low dose rads so my recovery time should be faster.

Now it's going to be a battle to keep my weight in check.


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thats what I was hoping to hear, although I agree we are all different, its just nice to know the day may come.

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and I supplement just to keep my weight up. Eating solid food is slowly recovering, but between small bites, slow chewing and swallowing, and lots of water to wash things down, I fill up too fast. So its scandishalkes, ensure, whatever, just so I dont drop too much more weight. It will probably take me a year or two....

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when people are dieting, they are always told to eat slow, so that the brain gets a chance to realize the body has been fed. It takes a full twenty minutes for that message to get thru....and well, many people are already on their second helping in 20 minutes. So how's that for a theory?? :)

You should list all the wonderful things you are eating, to satisfy my food lust...all food is still in my head and my imagination....and oh, am I getting hungry.


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I'm eating pretty much constantly. I never really get full. I either get tired of the actual act of eating or there is such a lack of flavor I get bored and throw the rest away. I'm six weeks out and I definitely can eat more than when I initially started eating but not nearly what I was eating before.

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I eat very slowly as with days my throat swells still. (lyphedema) It use to bother me, everyone else would be done and ready to tear...but not me. It doesn't bother me anymore. And yes I get full really easy. I break up my meals to 4 times a day (small portions). I get crap from the doctors on my weight, and I just laugh at them. I was over weight to begin with...so I giggle at them. I'm maintaining now so it's all good. Keep doing what your doing ...you will hit your stride with eating. Katie

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you make it sound bad.
a whole lot of people I know could probably do themselves good with smaller portions.
I mean, unless you're anorexic or something.

from somebody who's 9 weeks out, and not eating any portions yet.

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And I have a similar problem. I'm hungry, really hungry so I start to eat. The first few bites taste ok but then it goes away. I then move on to something else. I fill up quickly too and it takes me forever to eat also. I try doing boost or ensure but the texture just gags me terribly. I'm forced to eat by mouth since my PEG was removed a few weeks ago. I haven't gained even one pound since treatment ended and they say it will be a while. I know I'll feel better once I gain a few pounds. I started out not being able to lose really any weight at all. I've been thin all my life, but I'm small framed too. While I only lost 13 pounds, it was too much for me. I am not only 87lbs! I lost all of my weight in about a week and a half.
So as you can see I don't have any words of wisdom for you, I'm sorry. If you find some magic please share with us :-)
Take care and I hope that your eating returns to normal soon.

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I appreciate all your responses. I was not sure about the post, because there really is nothing wrong with small slow meals and as I previously stated Im so blessed to be able to eat at this stage 5 weeks out and much of my taste is back. The main reason I posted was we all kind of want to know what the future might hold and since we all look forward to be as close to our old norm as possible I thought I would ask. But I just want everyone to understand if I had to eat this way the rest of my life I would be thrilled. Not to mention I to like my new weight of 133 lbs for a man thats 5ft 4inches tall, short dude and when I started I was about 160 so I needed and WANTED to loose weight did not plan on cancer to be the diet program, but it worked. So as I wrap my comments up thanks for your replies and to all of us seeing the day food is as special as it ever was.

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