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Husband with Stage IV RCC

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My husband was diagnosed with Stage IV RCC (clear cell) the first week of August 2012. After experiencing what we were told was a "minor" stroke his symptoms worsened and a CT showed lesions in his brain and spots on his lungs. Subsequent scans showed he has a large mass on his right kidney, mets in the brain, lungs, hip bones, lymphs... He was treated with radiation for the bleeding brain lesions and both hips. Two weeks ago he fractured his left hip walking to the kitchen and broke his humerus grabbing the doorknob to keep from falling (he stood that way for 30 minutes until are son got there.) He had a seizure in the ambulance and another in the ER. A full bone survey was taken and shows widespread bone involvement. His medical oncologist said it is one of the five most complicated cases he's dealt with. Lucky us. He had been complaining to his PC about back, hip, and leg pain for a couple years, but images of the areas were never ordered. He was told to lose weight (changed his diet, added lots of walking and lost 50 lbs.) and then told aches and pains are part of aging (he's 55.) I really don't have a question, just needed to vent.

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I am very sorry to learn of your ordeal, please feel free to vent away, we have all taken turns, this is the best place to do it because we understand. Has your oncologist made any recommendations for therapy? While your husbands case sounds very advanced, there are drugs and trials available that are having good results in this fight and clear cell is more treatable than some other sub types. You might also check out Mr. Gerald White's MAARS program which uses guided imagery to help the immune system identify and kill cancer cells naturally. Mr. white was given three months to live over 20 years ago, when there was no effective treatment, and he is still here. Regardless, we're here for you and will help any way we can, keep us posted.

Good luck and Godspeed,


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Thank you Gary,

We did have a plan in place but the fractures/breaks have been a major setback and we have had to scratch the original treatment course. He is still in rehab to gain strength and coordination after a partial left hip replacement and having a "nail" inserted to stabilize the right humerus. We see his medial oncologist the first week of October for our new plan.

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Such a sad experience in such short a time. We could have been the same person in a parallel universe. I identify with this story. No one expects this. Its not like when a heavy smoker gets lung cancer. Why would he or she be surprised? We do not know why or who gets kidney cancer. I was in quite a panic when my diagnosis was made. I can only imagine how you both feel. I only suggest that you carefully listen to your doctors. Learn quickly. Learn your options and make informed decisions. And make them quickly. Read posts and question people on this forum. We each have our own version of our journey. I'm sure that none of your medical people can offer our perspective.

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Sorry you are here, and praying for you and your husband. Don't give up!!!


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Sorry to hear your ordeal. Best wishes your way.

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