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Pain and Quality of Life

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I was on MS Contin before without any issues. Now MS Contin is causing constipation and urinary issues (bladder valve is not under control, hard to empty bladder). I switched to oxycodone and oxycontin, the symptoms with constipation and bladder has improved but these pain medicines takes out all energy, makes me sleepy most times.

have you felt similar issues. is there any effective pain management solution? i am not able to concerntrate on work or have a good night sleep

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I think pain is one of the most corrosive symptoms in terms of quality of life- have lived with increasing leg pain as my cancer is pushing on my sciatic nerve and moved from morphine to oxycodone some time back. I feeL okay on it and can still work and function okay but it is always a balance between relief of pain and side effects. Beyond that pain control is complex- I assume you have done antiinflammatories eg diclofenac and paracetamol which both are still worth using with severe pain. They have offered me to move onto methadone and ketamine next but again these have signiificant side effects. If it is nerve pain you have gabapentin and some antidepressants help a lot.

You probably need a specialist pain clinic review to look at options. I have been offered an implant that drip pain relief onto my spinal cord as a way of managing it so they are coming up with amazing things for different causes of pain bUt if you don't see the specialists then you won't get offered this kind of stuff. Really it depends on the site and cause of the pain.

I did find with oxycodone the sedation reduced in time so do be patient. Hope that helps,


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