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Immunotherapy - NK Cell Therapy

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I am thinking of undergoing Autologous Immune Enhancement therapy. Has anyone got treated this way? Kindly share your experiences.

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"Autologous immune enhancement therapy (AIET) is a treatment
method in which immune cells are taken out from the patient's
body which are cultured and processed to activate them until
their resistance to cancer is strengthened and then the cells are
put back in the body. The cells, antibodies, and organs of the
immune system work to protect and defend the body against not
only tumor cells but also bacteria or viruses."

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been practicing the concept
of enhancing the immune system, for nearly four thousand years,
and yes.... it works. It works for nearly every malady suffered by
human or animal. If it didn't, it's practice would have never lasted
nearly four thousand years, nor would it be continued to be practiced
today in both Asian and Western medical facilities.

Finding remedies to health problems is simple to provide, if one
doesn't complicate it with a quest for making money.

Wishing you better health,


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It looks promising....wonder why oncs don't offer this? Are there US hospitals that do this?

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where are you having this done? where else in the US is it offered?

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I only see it being done in Japan and India. Are you from there?

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Have had a read of some of the evidence and it seems something that gained favour in research in Japan in the nineties and even made it to a stage three trial in lung cancer. However, I can't find any more recent evidence or trials ini colorectal cancer so would be considered an unproven treatment (but certainly can't see any evidence against it that would make it a 'disproven' treatment). The harm is likely to be low though wonder about costs and it seems compatible with mainstream treatment- has been used with chemo and radiotherapy in lung cancer.

What info do you have about it and why are you considering this particular treatment?


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