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For those who remember our Moopy23 (Lisa)...

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Christmas Girl
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... and her husband, Aortus (Joe)...

Recently, Aortus was here - in my hometown! - for just a few jam-packed days of academic pursuits. We met for an hours-long breakfast on the morning of his arrival and before his very busy agenda kicked in. It was wonderfully, absolutely lovely. Bittersweet with memories of beloved Moopy. And at the same time, with happy focus on the present and the future. I gladly share with you that Joe is doing well.

Only one photo was taken, which is now my new profile pic. I also posted it to my "Expressions" section - where you can view a larger version, if you'd like.

We, along with many others - her family & friends, will forever keep Lisa deep within our hearts, with abiding love. And never forget her. And we honor Moopy - and all those lost much too soon - by continuing to live our lives as best we possibly can.

With heartfelt love for my adopted bro...

Kind regards, Susan

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I haven't been posting much but I remember. Sometimes I wonder why things like this happen. All I can think of is everything happens for a reason.

Big hugs,

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...what a wonderful person she was ... and they were a lovely couple!
How great you got to visit and spend some time - thanks for sharing the picture -
those we lose here are forever in our hearts - we are all one big family - living - loving and fighting together.
much love,

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Ofcourse I remember Moopy! It was so sad to lose her, but, I will always remember her from this board.

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I think of both of them often. What a couple! It really hit me when she passed because I wanted the happy ending for them. Moopy is looking down at us thinking that she is the lucky one. Her suffering is over and she is at peace. Individually they were/are spectacular and together....well they will never be forgotten by me.


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Hi Sue. Thanks for posting this. Moopy and Joe mean so much to me. I am so glad that you and Joe had time to get together. Glad to hear that he is doing well. xoxoxo Lynn

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Kristin N
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Lisa was one of a kind! I miss her as I know everyone that knew her does too. I am glad you and Joe had this time together.

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I remember Moopy and Aortus well. I'm glad he is feeling good and in a good place. He was so great keeping us up to date on her when she started to get very ill. I miss her and still actually pray that she is resting with God every night.

Thanks for the update and picture!


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Posts: 1522
Joined: Jan 2010

Thank you for posting! I can't tell you how often I think of both of them. I'm so glad to hear that Joe is doing well. Hope the pups are, too.


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Christmas Girl
Posts: 3691
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Very sweet of you to remember the pups. Yes, all three of them - Eefy, Nubi & Yongy - are doing well, along with their "dad" who absolutely dotes on them.

Kind regards, Susan

P.S. to RE - Yes, I can hear Moopy's very soft southern lilt in my head when I remember our many (but, not nearly enough) conversations.

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Alexis F
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Loved Lisa as I think everyone did that came in contact with her! Miss her..

Glad to know that Joe and you got together!


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I could never ever forget Moopy, she was such a sweet courageous woman we lost far too soon! I was once on a teleconference call with her and other pink sister, it was wonderful to hear her voice. I truly would have loved to have met her in person so I am over joyed to hear you got to meet Aortus in person and I am very pleased to hear he is doing well! Thank you my friend for sharing this with us. Moopy will never be forgotten by me!



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Remembering both of this lovely couple, with affection........glad Aortus is doing well...

Hugs, Nancy

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Thanks for posting that great picture, Susan. Glad to hear that Joe is doing well. Moopy holds a special place in my heart, as she was always so posistive and encouraging to me. She will never be forgotten.

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Thank you for the photo and the update. I am so glad that Joe is doing well and I remember Moopy well. She was so special and taken too soon. I know she would want Joe to be happy above all, so I am glad he is fighting on and focusing on the present and future. (((Hugs)))

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Double Whammy
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I remember both Moopy and Joe fondly. Thanks for the update. It's nice to know Joe is doing well in spite of missing his beloved Lisa.


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posting the photo of you, and Joe. How wonderful it is to see him doing well --- or at
the very least, putting 1 foot in front of the other, and living.

How wonderful, and joyous it must of been to spend some time with Joe.

Bye the way, you look wonderful, Susan! Keep it up.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

Moopy will always be our guardian angel -- here on our site.

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the other sweet sisters that were lost.

Thank you for posting the picture. I'm glad you had a good visit and shared cherished memories of Moopy.



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Will never forget Moopy or Joe. Both of them helped me through my worst time in my journey. I miss them both. Glad you were able to spend time with your New brother, hope Joe enjoyed his trip to Chicago. Love you both.

New Flower
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Lisa is always in my heart

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Super sweet of you to post and I must say I'm jealous, I'd love to meet any of you:) and of course Lisa and Joe always remain in my prayers:)
Miles of Love,

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that Joe is doing so well. Moopy was my hero when I first came on the boards and I still ache when I think about her, Joe and the puppies. I loved hearing about how Joe is doing. I don't post very much nowadays but stop by and "lurk" often to see how everybody is doing. It breaks my heart to see the new ones just keep coming and coming. They found a vacine for Polio, I have high hopes someday they will find one for this horrid beast.

I too keep you all in my prayers...

Hugs, Judy xoxox

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