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IL_2.....5 doses down....

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Hey everyone. I started treatment Monday night. I've had 5 doses, so I'm one third of the way there. So far, I'm feeling good. The first night was rough after I got the interferon shot. I got a high fever and chills. By morning I was fine though. I've eaten 3 meals a day, no nausea yet. really hoping this lasts. We'll see.....

I am pretty anemic however, so I have to have a blood transfusion. The doctor said that's a leftover side effect from the sutent. Darn Sutent.

I'm drinking lots and lots of water, as Pheonix suggested, and I think that"s helping.

So that'd the latest Hope you're all doing well...


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Good to hear things have started well for you, I hope it stays that way and, like fox, you kick the bib c's butt!!

Hang in there,


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Now is when it will get a little tougher!! Expect it so that you stay in the right frame of mind. Stay positive and strong !!

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Way to go Jennifer. Hope the next 9 are just as easy. Your ability to eat is great; it will help sustain you throughout. Keep us updated!!!

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Stay tough Jenn! Show us how to suck it up. You're one tough chick. I hope that doesn't offend you. Fox.

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This is great news! I have been thinking about you and praying for you everyday. I hope it doesn't get bad for you, and you stay strong. And every dose brings you one step closer to NED!! I so want to meet him myself!!! God Bless you and Love ya!!

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Phoenix Rising
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Keep up the good work! I also had a blood transfusion although I had never taken Sutent or any other chemo drug before IL-2. Don't forget to ask for something for those chills if you run into it again. The sooner, the better. Godspeed!

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I am thrilled to hear you are doing so well. Keep up the good attitude! I will continue to cheer you on and keep the prayers flowing!


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So many of my favourite people have beaten me to the punch that they've left me nothing more to say. Maybe I can just add how much I hope you'll swell the number of complete responders. Stick with it Jennifer.

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Thanks all for your words of encouragement. And, no offense taken, Fox! It takes a lot more than that to offend this chick:)

Last night was rough, since my blood pressure dropped and it took them a while to get it back uo. But 2i.v.'s later, it's fine now. I hate needles so that was no fun:(
Now I just look like I'm euper sunburned....which for a redhead, isn't that uncommon. But when I do get sunburned, I'm usually doing something fun. Not this time. :(. My appetite had gone way down. Gonna be fruit and bagels from here on in.

Hope all of you are well. Honestly, so far it's not THAT bad. But I keep waiting for the unbearable stuff around the corner....

Take care, all.


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Stay positive and kick ***. Sending you prayers and love from Atlanta!

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Ohh, I fear the worst. No posts since 9/13. Hello Jennifer, all your friends are waiting for an update. Let us know, we're not here to judge, but solely to support. Inquiring minds wanna know.

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Phoenix Rising
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Hey there Toolman,
Don't fear the worst! IL-2 is tiring and can be mind boggling. I didn't feel like looking at a computer screen after my 1st or 2nd round, and I was a little scrambled mentally. I only wanted to sleep, and did quite a bit of that! No news does not mean bad news-- it just means no new news.

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