glioblastoma level 4 brain tumor survivors

Hello Everyone, I'm interested in talking with anyone long term survivor of a glioblastoma level 4 brain tumor. My son-in-law was diagnosed in June of 2012 and had the operation and about 3 weeks ago completed his 6 weeks of chemotherapy. Tomorrow we is going to have his M.R.I done and then speak with the doctor. I'm very worried and pray that will will here better news tomorrow. He is 37 yrs. old and they have 3 small children. This has been a very hard journey for all of us since June but it will be well worth it if we can hear something good tomorrow. Our lives as well as his have changed within minutes. I'm hoping someone can share some good news with me. God Bless All of You, Phil


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    I'm Surviving!
    I was diagnosed with a 3 cm GBM in April of 2011. I got enrolled in a trial at DUke University and went back to work in October. I'm back to normal and forget about it more then imthink about it. I stil have another 10 months of Avastin to go, but I wanted you to know there are survivors, be determined to be one too!!!

    No question hardest year of my life, I was 42 when diagnosed, I found doctors willing to fight as hard as I was and am winning the battle.
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    I am still here 23 months post diagnosis
    I was diagnosed in Oct 2010 at the age of 43 and have had no recurrence since then (I just had a clean MRI last Monday). I only had the "standard therapy" I was back at work 2 weeks after my neurosurgery and am still going to work - other than some occasional seizures (a sign my brain is healing) things have been great. I am still here spending quality time with my 7 and 9 year old sons. Stay positive and make sure you get treated by a neuro-oncologist at a hospital with a brain tumor speciality. Considering the age of your son, he has a great chance going forward. Ignore the statistics - everyone's situation is unique!

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    Good information and links-

    So many drs still poo-poo the notion that diet can cure- fasting and cleansing are not toxic ways to help your body heal. If you are having treatments, it's especially beneficial to fast 48 hours prior to your treatment.
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    Another survivor - Cheryl Broyles
    Hi Phil,

    Just wanted to share a site with you for a woman in Oregon that has survived with a GBM since 2000. I found her on Facebook after my daughter was diagnosed last August with a GBM. Cheryl is an amazing person and I've talked to her via email on several occasions.

    Here's the link:

    I know how difficult this diagnosis is for any family - ours was hit twice - my daughter diagnosed in August with a GBM and one of my sons diagnosed in October with an Anaplastic Astrocytoma (a glioma - levels 2 & 3). I think I'm still in shock.

    We are doing okay and cherishing each day that we have together. Remember, every person is different and the medical field doesn't have all the answers. Trust your instincts.

    God bless you with His great love and mercy.