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TC and the liver

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I'm not exactly sure if I should post this here or on the liver section but I'll start here.

I was diagnosed with TC and had a right orchiectomy in April of last year. After the surgery I did 20 days of radiation therapy, and since then trips to my oncologist every 6 months.

I went for my annual physical Tuesday of last week and my ALT liver enzyme came back high (88, should be 7-56). The doc did an ultrasound and the found a 2 cm mixed echogenectiy "something" on the left lobe of my liver. I say "something" as that is exactly what is on the paper from my doc, they were unable to tell exactly what it was. I am waiting to be scheduled for a CT scan later this week.

My question is this: Is there anyone else out there that had TC and subsequent liver issues? If so, what were the results (benign cyst, etc.)? Does anyone know if there is a direct link between the two?


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