I've been on the breast cancer board for 14 years now my daughter having MRI for Brain

My daughter had a seizure the other night. She is 19 and never had one before. she sat down head hung down eyes open and could not hear me. It only lasted a few minutes but scared me to death. The ER did a CT SCAN and said the results said A 3MM and adjacent 2MM low attenuation midline suprasellar densities. The Hu is minus 32 consistent with fat. Recommend mRI for exclusion of suprasellar lesion.
Can anyone tell me what FAT means and what this all means. MRI is not until tomorrow evening and being a cancer patient and its my girl I am so afraid not to know what it means.


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    can you put it in context?
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    Exactly what it says
    The "fat" in this case actually means fat -- mainly cholesterol, fatty acids, and neutral fat. That's actually excellent news, because it's a benign growth which, once removed, means she'll have a normal, happy life. Right now, however, the location and/or size of it is causing pressure on the brain that's triggering her seizures.

    (Please note, I'm not a doctor but I am a research fanatic. You should still consult with your doctor about all of this!)