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last day of harsh chemo

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today was the last day of the harsh chemo, and the 7 hours of infusion which wears me out so far its not to bad the fatigue is awful and my legs really hurt, the next two days is just blood work the countdown is closer 3 more days. i hope everyone is doing good and forme i hope you aer feeling better and thank you sue for always being there. love and blessings denise

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I am happy to hear you are not having too much issue with the chemo. Good luck with the transplant. My husband is, hopefully, having an auto transplant soon and then an allo.

My thoughts and prayers to you.

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Hey Denise :). I'm happy this is the last day of the nasty stuff.
I'm so proud of you! I hope the leg pain and fatigue get better.
You know we're here....

Big warm hugs,


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Me too Denise...so glad the next two days you can rest. Keeping you in my prayers!
Much love...Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)

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i love the picture of lizzy it is so cute. i now have ahuge problem my ex is letting amanda go to a known drug house he said he knows her friends mother does not use drugs because he has talked to her a couple of times, hes never around enough to know anything, she has boys anywhere from 18-28 and any woman knows at 14 an older boy can be flattering, i an thinking about having her placed somewhere untill i am home sorry i am going off blessings denise

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Hi Denise,

Hope you're able to rest up---
Do what YOU need to do to have peace about your daughter while you are going thru treatment. Prayers, hugs and love, Susan

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