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Astrocytoma please help ?

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Hi I wonder if anyone can help me? I had my second operation 3 weeks ago on the 21st August. My first one was in 2009. I was in the Walton for 2 weeks and eventually I was allowed to come out as my mother was passing away from cancer. My brain has water in my head still and I am on a lot if medications and had problems pain wise. Has anyone dealt with water and if so how long does it take to go? I am going back in tomorrow Sao they can check it for me, on top
Of that my head came apart and had to be glued on the top and that us sore still too. It wasn't the surgeons fault as this happened after 2 weeks. Any one have good things to make feel i am to get better :(

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Hi Waller

I hope you are feeling better?my sister had her second surgery Grade 3 Astrocytoma. Just wanted to encourage you to hang in there with everything you've got. May God heal you and give you peace,

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my son age 1 was diagnosed with a brain tumor 8 months after he was born, my partner gave birth to him standing up with a mattress underneath her, my son fell from abit of a height onto the mattress and no midwives was near to catch him or help with the birth, could the fall be the cause of the brain tumor? 2 weeks previous to the birth, we had a scan and the results was we where having a healthy baby, no health problems or tumors or anything.

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