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Just a quick hello

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... from Avignon, France.

We are passing a great time and so far, everything is going fine. Although this is about our 6th oder 7th stay in this region we discovered soooo many nice new things (thanks to geocaching (->ask wiki) - e.g. caves, old mines, waterfalls to bath in, cute old villages and so much more). Hope this will continue the next 1,5 weeks :-)

More details (and pictures for those who are interested) will follow soon.

Hugs to you all

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Or should I say, ochre with envy, under the circumstances! We're about to head off to Seattle, Washington, to visit our kids for a few days, and husband and I looked at each other "Should we skip out to France instead?!"

Wishing you de Bonnes Vacances!


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I'm envious of both of you! Always wanted to visit France (don't know why I never did during the two years when I was in England) and one of the regions I want to visit most is Avignon! And after growing up and graduating High School in the Seattle area, I'm always looking for some excuse to go back. Like going there to get a bowl of Ivar's clam chowder!

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I have only been to Cannes (And I loved it!!)it sounds like you are having a wonderful time!!! Keep enjoying and don't forget to post the pictures
Winter Marie

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oh so good to hear from...

very happy things are going so well


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Have great memories of a summer spent between Avignon and Antibes with the kids. Loved teh central square with great buskers and if I remember right a fabulous church or castle overlooking it. There is a wonderful food market in town and remember taking the compulsory trip over the river to view the 'pont'.

Wonderful times.


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