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Jr is still with us!! UPDATE

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July my brother was given one month to live, and here it is going on two months!!

The doctors tell him to continue with whatever he is doing.

He is no longer on chemo only his pain meds.

He has the g-tube and putting that tea through that.

My mom said he was playing 500 rummy with her and his wife all day Sunday!

He is living on prayers!!

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He and you and your family are really fighting for Junior. May he continue to be comfortable and hang in there. BMGky

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I was just thinking about JR the other day and wondering hoe he was doing.
How lovely to get your news that he is defying the doctors and still able
to spend time with the family playing cards no less.
God bless him and all your family, you are stars.
I will keep you in my prayers.
Prayers and hugs
Marci x

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PRayers are going up that he will continue with a lot more good days.

Praying for God's comfort during this difficult time.


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Joined: Jan 2011

Jr is not doing so well. Prayers are so appreciated.

He has proven to be one strong fighter against this ugly disease. I would be screaming if I could not swallow, but he has such a peace about him and just calmly goes on to face each day as it comes.

His skin color is not good.

I know many of you are suffering, but truthfully Jr has suffered his whole 2 years, from the beginning he was bad.

Many were diagnosed and didn't even have symptoms but Jr was in awful shape when he was diagnosed, thinking all along it was just acid reflux and then GERD.

God has blessed Jr with many good days in these two years. He's been able to go shooting with his brothers which he so enjoys.

He's been able to spend much quality time with his children and grandchildren and now with our mom living there with him.

He's been able to play on his keyboard which he loves music and always has.

He has been able to celebrate Christmases and Thanksgivings and birthdays and his wedding anniversaries.

But he has suffered for these days. Amazing what the body can endure.

He was willing to go through the pain and suffering just to have these moments, to have that one more hug and kiss and "I love you's" from family.

A true fighter indeed.

You all are. Such brave souls you are. May God keep each and every one of you.

I want to buy something so special for my brother, do you all have any suggestions??

I just want it to be something so special.

I would appreciate any ideas out there!

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Joined: Jun 2010

I know it's difficult watching him fighting so hard.My thoughts and prayers are with him.
My first thoughts of a special gift is always a new bible. There is nothing more special than that, no matter how many one has. also, a blanket with family picturs on it.These I know, can be ordered through WAlmart.

Praying for you and the family, Sandra

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Sandy, thank you, such a great idea!!!

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EC is just a dreadful disease. It is so hard for the patients and equally hard for the caregiver. Being there, caring, and loving him are important for both of you. He is courageous.

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If you could quickly compile some family photos from childhood through to the present and get them put into a special book - Walmart has services to do that as do others. And perhaps out some special stories, favorite bible verses and inspirational quotes that he really likes. This would be something he could pull out to look at and smile.

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Joined: Jan 2011

Jr. has a birthday coming up the 29th, he will be 54.

Our mom is here with me now staying this weekend.

So glad she is here right now, just to get some rest from all she sees every day.

She has told me that Jr. does not look good at all out of his eyes.

I didn't get to see him today he was in bed sleeping, hopefully I will see him Sunday when we take my mom back over there.

Mom feels it will not be too much longer now for Jr.

She said he is more restless it seems.

He is gagging up horrible looking stuff that has a strong odor.

He sleeps a lot more now.

How much more can this guy take???????????

Bless his heart. He still tries to be strong.

My mom looks worn out from it all. She said it is so hard to see this every day but she will not leave him.

Will you all keep her in your prayers too?

A mother's love never dies.

Praying for all of you here.

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prayers for your brother, mom and you... this disease is so tough on everyone.....

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Jr. Has always seemed so much like my husband, Rickie. He also was willing to go through so much just to have " one more day" loving us. How blessed we have been to have had such courageous men to share our lives with and to be an example to their children! Sending prayers to Jr and the whole family.
Hugs, Cheryl

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