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breast ultra sounds

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I went to my reg. check up with oncologist and she have me a script for next month for Mammo, bone desity and ultrasound. I have only had one ONCE prior to surgery 4 yrs ago. She didnt' even mention it in office-when I went to the front desk they said it was on script. I questioned it..I was told yes 3 things. I think I have DENSE breast tissue-any thoughts?


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getting ultra-sounds with my mammos for years due to dense breasts. Most of the time it is no big deal (although I once had a technician press really hard and was sore for a week--and this was pre diagnosis). I think they are trying to be vigilant.
Good luck,

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I get an ultrasound with my mammo always. And, I also get a MRI every year. Any of those tests can miss something, but, by doing all three, if there is something, it will be caught.

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I have also had numerous ultra sounds in addition to annual mammograms. Mine was definitely due to very dense breast tissue. I have fibrocystic breasts so mine have always been, or rather "were", this way. I even gave upwith resist self-exams with the rather illogical logic that if I were to always feels lumps anyway why bother and then worry? Luckily my OB/GYN wasn't of the same opinion. Otherwise this breast cancer would possibly not have been caught early enough. She found it on my routine annual PAP exam and was concerned. Once she had me feel of it, though, it really did feel different than all the other multitude of lumps & bumps I have been finding all of my life.

I, too, think that your doctor is just being diligent. Be thankful for that. I'm sure glad mine was!


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I have dense breast tissue so I get a mammo, ultrasound and a MRI yearly.

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Breast MRI would be an other alternative. Our radiologists don't like doing ultrasound for screening, they prefer MRI. Ultrasound is another option though. There is a company in Mt View that was just approved for a device that does "screening" ultrasounds. It is only approved for high risk patients.
With dense breasts, it is always good to add something to the mammo.

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Last year during radiation treatments, I felt a lump in the other side. They ordered a diagnostic mammo and ultrasound. Fortunately it was nothing. Tomorrow I have my first exam on the cancer side. I'll have a diagnostic mammo and ultrasound on the other side again and an ultrasound on the mastectomy side. I have dense breast also and wish they would have done an ultrasound on a call back mammo the year before diagnosis. Might have caught it sooner. Like Cyndi, I had lumpy breast and didn't do self exams for the reason. But my gyn didn't feel the tumor either. It was found by mammo and ultrasound. I'm surprised you haven't had an ultrasound or MRI before now.

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Hi Denise,

I'm no authority, but along with the other BC sisters who've replied, I think this is purely a preventative measure. since you have dense breast tissue, you are in a higher risk group, and it's always best to have regular mammo's and ultrasounds. I know there is some controversy here in the UK with mammo's, but it hasn't yet been proved that the risks from this test yet outweigh the benefits of early detection. Wishing you get clear results nice an quickly.

Eliza xxx

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Thanks all...


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