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Question for Med Scanman

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Hi Scanman my question concearns the advantages of PET scans over MRIs or CT scans without contrast since most of the members here have comprimised kidney function and because of this we are not givem contrast.Now i could be way off here but think i rememeber when i had my PET scan i was injected with what i think was called was isotone which does not give kidneys any problems,thanks Med Scanman look forward to your reply

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You know, I never did nuclear medicine studies. I'd need another license for that, and even though my center had both a PET scanner and a double CT/PET scanner.....I was never involved with them. If you've got a specific question about your own PET scan, let me have it.....I'll make a call to the technologist running that department for more than 15 years (I know they all miss me), and I can get any answers you need. I do remember that the radionuclide used for PET is sugar based. How nephrotoxic it is....I'd have to ask. If you want to keep it private feel free to email me. I'm not a secretive person. I can get answers to just about anything involving imaging... if I don't have them tucked away in my own white matter.



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I would also be curious about what you find out. Thanks.

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