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Powerport issues

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I just had a powerport inserted to begin my chemo treatments for gallbladder cancer. I am concerned about the constant pressure I feel on either my esophogus or larnyx (I can't tell which). Is this something I should get used to, or corrected? the pressure feels like someone pushing their finger into my windpipe, and it increases when I bend over. Thanks for your input!

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My port(the injection point) was placed just below my collarbone on my left side. I did have pressure issues for a while. Also the "line" from the port was placed over the collarbone , under the skin to it's attachment point in my neck. It took some getting used to. I had mine in for close to two years. I just got used to it after a few months and the only problems I had is if something bumped the port itself. I'm not sure where/how you port is placed,but, if it is giving you problems. I'd be telling the oncologist about the issue. If I had to do it again. I'd asked to have it placed in the same area as before.

Hope that helps you,

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