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geocam70--George, I saw your post under MasterP. I want to welcome you to our family, if this is your first time posting.

It was great you were diagnosed at and early stage. Even though the surgery is the same, chemo and radiation can really be rough. The earlier a diagnoses, the better the survival rate.

It's good to hear a positive success story. Keep posting, we would like to hear more about you.


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How awesome that it was diagnosed in the early stages. Sounds like you are doing well.

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Thank you so very much Sandy and Sally. According to my doctor I am very lucky it was caught so early.

I just started posting on this page because I just found out about the chat rooms and discussion boards through someone I met recently at a Relay For Life booth at a fair. She told me about it and encouraged me to join. I am so happy I did, and really surprised at how many people have been affected by EC. I am so glad I joined.


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George, I have never been on the chat line, but we are glad to have you here. I went through treatment and surgery before I found this site. I could have used the knowledge and support then. I come here now,so that I can let the newbies know there is hope.

Ec is one of the fastest growing cancers in the US. It's shocking how many new cases there are everyday. And what is bad, is that most of the time, it is diagnosed in late stages. That's why we need to keep reaching out and work at educating our healthcare professionals. My daughters doctor told her, there was no reason to worry until her food stuck. I don't know where she got her degree. My daughter still hasn't been scoped-even with the bad reflux and family history.

Keep posting, we all need encouragement'


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Sandra many doctors do not do the testing because as I was explained, insurance is not going to pay for unnecessary test. I would see another doctor since hers did know the family history and still has not done the test?? Our (third) doctor the minute he learned we had other cancer in the family ordered the test right away. Yes 3rd... took that many to find one willing to do more test to help where the others wanted to wait and see. Of course getting new doctor appointments take time so after trying to listen to the first 2 it was a good year before we found the 3rd doctor and then the EC had already spread to the outside layers. I am part of many member places for EC and you can find so much info from all the places that you may miss from just one. so many org to help about cancer with groups... ecan,acor, and then the ones for many types of cancer like lung.org breast etc... . no spaces but carolyn 81355 yahoo If any way I can help please contact me as I don't always come to this site everyday and the cs n e-mail does not work for me. Many are also on the twitter and face book pages if any of you go there look for me Carolyn Mancino and best to all of you.

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