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Six month scanxiety

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I go for my six month post op scan this Thursday. I'm having a MRI because my doctor doesn't like CT scans and I didn't want a ultrasound. Didn't want an ultrasound because they missed the kidney cancer last time. So I'm happy for the MRI. Well I've been doing fine and now I'm starting to get scanxiety. I guess because my mind has been on other health issues that I haven't really been thinking of the kidney cancer and now that it's time to check I'm starting with all the what ifs. The fear has creped in again.

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Phoenix Rising
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Hi! We all go through it! I mentioned in another thread that as I headed to the hospital for my regular MRI, I confronted two rough-looking guys who I thought had been smoking on the elevator, and rattled on and on telling them I don't need any more cancer than I already have. One of them set me straight with a word that HAD to come from on-high, and it helped me release the fear. I don't know if you're a God-fearing person, but fear has no place in our hearts. We should release all fear and truly trust that we can and will be healed, and that everything will be okay.

I now try to think of my MRI as routine, part of life, and an opportunity to get away from work early and go to dinner with my husband afterward. We always make a good day out of it, no matter what!

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These scans are routine and usually little to worry about. The only hint I have about yours is that you had a partial which means that you came into this with a minimum of baggage and Ned is the most common result of such a scan (no evidence of disease). This is a piece of cake compared to your initiation (surgery).


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When it gets this close, wouldn't it be nice if we could press a button and sleep until scan time? But since we can't, just think nice "kick cancer butt" thoughts.

John has a scan tomorrow and some others on this board have had scans in recent days for which we're awaiting good news. Positive thoughts and vibes across the board.

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Hi May,
Good luck on the scan this week. I am also going in for my 1st 6-month scan on Friday and know how you feel. I've been feeling good and am also getting the scanxiety to get the scans done. I know that statistically, we have very little to worry about, but that doesn't stop the fear/anxiety.
Keep the faith,

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I'm twelve years out now from RCC and I still experience anxiety for the week leading up to my annual checkup and the week after, waiting for the results. It's perfectly normal, and after a time it kinda becomes a part of you. My only advice is to not think the worst, hope for the best, and know that regardless of what happens you have us all to fall back on for support.

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With time the scanxiety does diminish. Never goes away. Who the heck would get a kick out of being scanned with the purpose of finding problems? You just do it. Try making the techs feel at ease. They know they aren't making people feel good during these tests. So I just try to let them feel less the monsters as they may be percieved. NTI. Nothing to it. Fox.

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I lead such a sad life, it seems. My scans represent a social occasion for me (but then I enjoy going to the dentist as much as I do having my hair cut, which is probably unthinkable for the fair sex!). I go to a small, friendly hospital for my CTs where they now know me and we enjoy gentle banter - maybe very different from most of you guys, possibly attending big, fast-paced anonymous institutions? My techs won't give wet reads (UK NHS) and I imagine they aren't really conscious that they're probably reporting a death sentence, so the mood remains high which makes it all easy to handle - the bad times are elsewhere.

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Thank you for all your replies. Had my MRI this morning it took the whole hour and a half they said it would take. That suprised me. I even took a little nap while they were doing the pelvic part. I was really tired this morning so I fell asleep...lol even with all the noise the machine makes. Well I should have results next week. I know allot of people are always telling me not to worry since I was only stage 1 BUT I still have fear. I know as the years go bye the fear will lessen. Well anyway I will let you all know when I get my report. Thank you again :-)

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