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Dad is no more

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Dad passed away on 5 th August he was clean and cancer free ..... He had severe stomache on 4 th July and all the reports were normal ....endoscopy couldn't be done cause the scope couldn't get through he was in intense pain for 20 days and hardly ate and finally endoscopy was done and revealed small ulcers but by than he was very weak and had sodium deffiicency ....than all sort of problems started and his heart failed on 5 th August ......we are all heart broken we are a very clos knit family ....and dad was the pillar......

If any guys need any info about treatment and doctors in India ....u can mail me here....will be glad to help....may all the rest have better luck against the beast


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I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. It is sad that after his long battle against cancer something else became an issue.

With my condolences to you and your family,

Paul Adams,
Grand Blanc, Michigan

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Hi Sherri,

thanks for the refer. i have sent her shammi a friend request. is there any other way to contact a csn member?


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Shammi, just wanted to express sympathy for the loss of your beloved father.
Hugs, Stephanie

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So sorry to hear about the loss of your father and so kind of you to offer your assistance to others at this time of sorrow. I'm sure your father would be very proud.


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I did send you a private message, but wanted to be sure that you know that I ask for strength and comfort for you and your loved ones during this difficult time.


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Deepest condolences. BMGky

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This is such a hard time for you and there are just no words of comfort that will help. Words seem to pale in the intense emotions you are experiencing. I hope you will find peace and comfort - your dad is.

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So sorry! It's hard to lose a love one! My thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.

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I am so sorry for your loss. Remember all the good times you shared with your father and don't dwell on his illness. I will keep you all in my prayers.
wife of Rickie, dx Stage IV EC Oct. 2010
Mets to bones and brain
Lost the battle Jan. 4, 2012

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I am so sorry to hear you lost your father. I too lost my dad to EC. There is a void that can not be filled, but there also is the love and memories that no one can take from you. Cherish them & know your csn family has you & your family in their thoughts & prayers.
Kim Heburn Priest

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I am so saddened by your news.
To have come throught the beast of EC and then have to cope with this must be so hard for you all.
I pray that you will have some peace of mind that undoubtedly your precious Dad new that he was loved so much.
He is resting now, away from all the cares of this world and I pray that you will have the
strength to come to terms with your dreadful loss and know some peace of mind.
I too lost my precious Mum in July of this year. I was there to hold her hand for twentyfour hours of every day of that last week and though I am heartbroken, it was an honour for me to be there with her. I know she is at peace and with my Dad now, who she missed so much.
Prayers, love and hugs.
Marci x

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So sorry to hear your news about your dad - it is so frustrating that sometimes the patient seems to fight back the cancer but gets so weak that they pass away from something else. Cherish the memories you had with your dad and know we are thinking of you and your family.


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