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To steved

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Wondered if you checked out the clinical trial that is suppose to begin this year at either Leeds (or Bradford) university.
It was news for a while when they announced it.
Has to do with the Autumn crocus plant and a molecule that they already discovered to use with it........etc.
Is that just a hoax?

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'Crocus drug' studied for cancer treatment - Health News - NHS ...

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I'm with you....there has to be some other not so drastic approach!!!

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he has told us clearly that he has worked very hard to develop this plan. The emotional stress, intense effort, and coordination of his doctors to perform this potential surgery surely was not an decision or task.

Please let us support him and not second guess his decision that he has shared with us ... think about it ... I would imagine that he is having enough of a difficult time as it is without threads starting like this.

I do not mean to imply that anyone has ill will toward him, but since his potential surgery is coming up in a week I think he and his family need our unwavering support, not our questioning at this point.

Just my take on it.

Best to all,


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I have encountered as is his family......and he has made his decision as I have, not to take chemo....personal decisions and lets instead pray for his recovery....PAT

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I am not sure if this is one of those messages that is directly suggesting I should consider a different path than the one I have embarked on or whether it is a more general enquiry as to whether I know about this trial. I certainly received a few of the first type of messages- suggestions that I should be not be accepting such radical surgery when I haven't fully explored the potential of treatments such as TCM, ozone treatment etc. whilst it is well meant and early in my decision making process it was important to consider all options, now that my mind is made up I don't find such suggestions helpful. In truth i know there is no treatment short of radical surgery that has a hope in hell of curing me. Yes I wish taking a few herbs and flowers might do it but AMA realist and have enough knowledge behind me of the options and evidence that I know that ain't going to happen.

As for this trial the evidence around colchicine is very embryonic and like many things has potential but is a long way off having any strong evidence base. It will be an interesting trial to follow-had a look at the Leeds research site and couldn't find it as starting may not even be recruiting yet.

I am grateful to all the support I get and accept people try to help in different ways. My thinking at the moment is to focus on next week (admitted Monday, surgery Tuesday) and little else. Have now met with seven surgeons (colorectal, urology, vascular, plastics and orthopaedic), the dietitian, ot, physio, iTu nurse, oncologist, prosthetist, stoma nurse and medical director of the hospital as part of planning this. My mum and brother are on their way from new Zealand, my in laws are set to stay for two weeks, my clinical and teaching jobs are covered, my bathroom is being converted to a wet room, ramps are being bUilt wheelchair access, the garden has been revamped so it is less work, I have a left footed driving car and the kids now have stoma bags stuck on the teddys tummies- so things feel like they are falling into place.

I just want to bloody get on with it now!


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Steve I have complete faith that you and the Teddys will come out of this as a stronger person and a stronger family. I always read your posts carefully because you have good sound advice that is well thought out. Sounds like you have a great medical team and awesome family support. I will be sendng you good thoughts on Tuesday.

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Hi Steve (and all).
I have supported Steve with his decision. This was no way a suggestion that he change his mind (good grief).
Steve has been providing research links and has been posting nearly every day.
I pray that he will be cured. His decision obviously was not easy.
Anyone who reads the boards knows Steve is from the UK, and Leeds and Bradford are there. Therefore i thought he may know more about it. The trial isn' t even started, so i would not be so foolish as to suggest he wait for something like that.
Sorry for the confusion, Steve. I see you posting so i thought i would ask this.
Steve has a chance at being cured, and I hope he never needs to have another treatment for cancer.
As for the rest of us, we need to keep searching.
As i have said, Steve has us all thinking about him. I feel that i can only support from a far, and that is frustrating.

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Thanks for the further message- it was in fact how I assumed you meant the message and hence I was happy to reply. I have had some people suggesting I should be looking elsewhere for teh cure and do find that hard- you do have to have faith in your own decisions and one of the down sides of this board and the diverse range of opionions posed is that it can undermine people's confidence in their own decisions. We all like to feel we ar doing our best to fight this illness but it also needs to be within our own systems of belief.

Thanks a lot for the general support and though I am at the opposite end of the country from Leeds will keep an eye out for this trial. Idid go there for a surgical opinion so know of some of the team there.


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