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Cancer Cure video

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Cancer Cure?

A stranger walked up to me yesterday and told me about this Youtube video on this cancer cure. I've never heard of this. There are dozens of videos but this is the movie Dr. Oz linked to.

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This has been on here many times. Some think there's something to it, others don't.
One might think that if it IS a cure that you'd hear more about it but of course, there are those who feel that if it IS a cure that they'd want to keep a lid on it...
So here we are...again!

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I noted that many of the testimonials were from 15 or more years ago.

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I am not going to give an opinion on the treatment itself (though many will know what it would be) but the film is a pile of one sided testimonials from people clearly interested in promoting a treatment that is marketed at huge expense to patients and clearly falls into the territory of promoting paranoia and desperation amongst a vulnerable group. There is no balance to the message which takes the form of an advertisement rather than a documentary and uses methods such as emotionally loaded visual that verge on the offensively idiotic.

Other than that I loved it,


For those interested in reading a more intelligent (though also somewhat one sided) article that explores the idea of whether some treatments such as this should be considered 'unproven' or 'disproven' try http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.3322/canjclin.54.2.110/full

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That was an interesting article. Hurry up and get well from your surgery so you can be back to offer some of the great common sense advice that you provide and that is much needed on this site!

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To his clinic, after the vid. and testimonies we thought it was worth a go. I bought the book too, didn't like the results I saw.
However one of his ingredients, Phenylbutyrate, does have action.

Since this vid. came out it seems he is under investigation again for selling chemo drugs from his pharmacy at inflated prices.

The reason we didn't go was not the cost ($200,000) or more, but the fact the patient needs to wear a pump nearly 24/7 to get the huge amount of medication into them. Doesn't mention that on the vid. Kids don't like that at all.

We followed a girl who went there recently with a similar tumour, she had to stop treatment due to swelling and has since died.

This still may work for some people, it's not a cure though.

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