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really scared any replies will help ASAP

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last chemo was may 3 did my three month follow up with oncol. ca125 was 8 however i was having back pain just went for routine xrays so i could go for therapy and they said possible lytic leasions on vertabra need mri this tuesday (ovarian stage3b is what i started with)am i just panicing just because they said possible so scared only 43 and dont know what to think so afraid to go for mri ... is bone cancer common with this disease

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Sorry I do not have any answers for you. You should not have to be going through all of this at your age. I will pray for you and you will be in my thoughts. I am hoping that you will not be so afraid to get the MRI done. I always wanted to take any test that I could so that I would know what it was that I had to deal with. This is my most favorite saying ( Don't worry about tomorrow because God is already there ) I hope this helps you. Hugs Sharon

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Glad to be done
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I have never heard of them being linked but as you know with this disease anything is possible right.. I hope all goes well for you. Keep us posted

My favorite saying: Worrying does not empty tomorrow of it's troubles, it empties today of it's strength.

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Of course you're scared. I haven't heard of anyone developing that problem and your CA-125s are excellent. Please let us know how your MRIs come out and know that we are right here for you.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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My medical oncologist has told me that metastasis to the bone is EXTREMELY rare in ovarian cancer. It can happen, but it is very, very rare. I have a bone lesion in my upper arm bone. We discovered it after I finished chemo. All those diagnostic tests are bound to turn up something. :) We monitored it for about a year. It didn't change, so it was classified as benign. I sure wouldn't worry about it. The odds are so small that it is cancer.

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I don't know what they are but I have a bad back before oc and MRI s are the better way of seeing what is wrong and it is very common to have things show up that are not related to oc.
But now they will be very careful to rule out any connection to cancer, I went to the er for horrible back pain and even though I had along history of lower back pain they x-rayed and ct d every part of my body.try not to worry too much yet it will probably be okay, good luck

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I can truly understand your fear and panic but I too have not heard of any connection between ovarian cancer and bone cancer. It has been my experience that once you've been diagnosed with cancer, the doctors take every ache and pain seriously, which they should. In your case, I think the MRI will rule out anything serious and you'll be able to breathe a big sigh of relief. Please keep us posted and let us know the results.

Sending prayers and good wishes your way.


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