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treatable and cureable

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One year ago the doctors told my wife and I that my cancer was not cureable but treatable.
Theysaid my cancer was too far advanced and had spread to other parts of my body--Lungs to neck and tounge.It was stage 4 and crossed center line to both nodes.
Treament was 8 chemo and 36 rads on lungs and 36 rads to neck. I was 76 years old when treament started and there was not much hope that I would be able to stand up to the treament.
2012 just passed the 2nd P.E.P scan and scope and no cancer!!Only God knows when its time

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Just goes to show, believe and miracles do happen...


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That's great!

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thanks for continuing so share your story.

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I too love these wonderful editions to our HNC lives....thanks.


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Proof that God alone is the healer. Doc's are just instruments in the scheme. Keep the faith and good luck in the rest of your life.

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There are always blessings that come into our lives...great post.


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Nice story, I am planning for the future.



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correct in the big scheme of things, when God says its time its time. We all appreciate the doctors and medical world that treats us, but thats as far as they can go after that its up to God. Thanks for the uplifting message.

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God is Good!

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I am 48 and was just told Friday my cancer has spread from my Tonsil / lymph nodes in neck to my lung tissue and lymph nodes in my Mediastynum.

It is so uplifting to hear of these positive results.

I [ray for you for more good news to come.


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It is so nice to see this uplifting post. Congratulations on your good results!

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Tonsil Dad
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This is a fantastic post for anyone who is in a position when Doctors tell
them that there in nothing we can do for you any more.......Doctors are
not God.....only he will tell you when your time is up. Congratulations on
your survival and may God keep you on this road to a cancer free life.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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I am so over joyed to read your post ! I hate the words uncurable but treatable. I believe the good lord works through our medical providers as I have only met for the most part angels. You have given many here hope and inspiration for a brighter tomorrow ! I thank you sir ! Katie

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fantastic news, PTL

congrats and looking for many more of these from you for a long time


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And 76!!!! Thank you for that post ...what a "plain vanilla" way to put it... :)



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