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gallbladder cancer

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Hi everyone. My husbands cousin was just diagnosed with gallbladder cancer that started in the wall and has spread to most of his liver. They have been given litttle hope and have been told it is rare. Should they think about getting second oppinions or going to a hospital that specializes in this cancer. We are in n idaho rural area, but it seems like with computers they should be able to conect with any specialty hospital for latest treatments. What is anyones thoughts on clinic trials for this cancer.

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They need to be in touch with one of the major cancer centers that treat rare cancers. MD Anderson (TX) and Memorial Sloan Kettering (NYC) come to mind. When you are dealing with a rare cancer, you can't leave in the hands of a general hospital; you need specialists. I know. I was told I'd be dead by now, but a knowledgeable expert gave me back my life, and I'm in full remission from a rare cancer that was stage IV.

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Yup, it is rare and many hospitals don't know much about it. I was diagnosed in 2009 and following surgery to remove the tumour, the gallbladder, and part of the liver, I was given basically a couple of months to live, but here I am years later. The first thing I'd recommend is getting the gallbladder and its tumour out of there and at the same time anything else that may have been infested (i.e. don't let them do a laparoscopic surgery like they did to me!). The treatment chemically is still up in the air. I had 12 treatments of cisplatin + gemcitibine which had few side effects but didn't work. My cancer had spread to the peritoneum and liver. I also did 14 treatments of folfirinox (oxaliplatin + irenotecan + 5FU pump) which appears to be working but has nasty side effects. I would get the best advice you can from somewhere like Sloan Kettering or MD Anderson - you're in the USA so shouldn't be hard. I'm in Canada so couldn't do that. Keep us posted. The prognosis is not necessarily gloomy as there are several of us on this discussion board that are still around.

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