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Help for the chemo mouth sores?

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I'm trying to keep ahead of the taxol and carboplatin but the effects are still one step ahead of me...like the mouth sores. I'd love any advice or suggestions about dealing with them and prevention. Thanks supportive sisters!
Gentle hugs

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you have to deal with this on top of everything else. I was lucky not to have this problem but I checked on ehow and there are a list of suggestions. Of course number one is consulting your doctor. Hope you feel better soon.


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I'm so sorry too that you're dealing with mouth sores. I myself didn't have them but perhaps other ladies who experienced them will chime in. I hope and pray that other side effects aren't hitting you too hard.

Sending prayers your way!


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with warm water into which I mixed a heaping tsp of equal parts salt and baking soda. I kept a jar with the salt/baking soda by my sink, and every time I went into the bathroom throughout my months of cancer I dumped some into a cup of water, and rinsed thoroughly. I had very few problems with mouth sores, tho I did have some.

Try it - it can't hurt.


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Do not use any alcohol-based mouthwash; you'll just make things worse.

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i did the same chemo and was told by others at wellness meetings to use biotene products mouthwash and toothpaste you do not need a prescription .worked for me i never had any sores Hope they work for you

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Two ideas they gave me. Equal part of Benedryl liquid and Pepto-Bismal as a mouth wash. Or an anti-acid like Mylanta, Maylox, ect. used during the day and before bed time as a mouth wash. The Mylanta worked best for me. Hope you feel better soon. best debrajo

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Glad to be done
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I am sorry I am no help. I did not get mouth sores. I hope it doesnt get too bad

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I use Biotiene(sp?) mouthwash it helps alot

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