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Don is resting peacefully

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Just hopped on to give you all an update on Don. Don continues to rest peacefully at home. Yesterday his medicine was slightly changed to give him more rest and less agitation. There are absolutely no bowel sounds at all, but the kidneys did start working again. This probably is good because at least he won't have any pain from that issue.

Caitlin and I are hanging in there. The days and nights are long and hard as you can all imagine and I pray that God will allow Don his wish to just go to sleep and not wake up. That would be a blessing considering all that Don has had to go through this past couple of months.

I did contact an attorney Friday only to find out that he is currently defending one of the doctors (the gastro doc who told Don to learn to live with the pain!). I doubt we will have a case, but at least I am going to try. These doctors and smaller hospitals need to learn when to say the situation is beyond them and do the right thing and send you to your larger hospital. The only doctors who were at all honest with us were the doctors at Univ of Mich hospital.

We are keeping all of you in our prayers and thoughts and I am so sad to see the newbies come on board here. I am glad they find us, but I sure wish they didn't have to. I would gladly give me life if Don could be the last person to ever die from this horrible cancer and everyone else could be spared this.

I do hope that William and Loretta will be back - God knows we need them.

Hugs and FEC - FEC every single chance you get - whether it be a smile, an extra day, an NED or just a good old fashioned middle finger - just FEC.


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Words fail at times like this. What love you are sharing. Be comforted that we continue to pray for Don and for your family. BMGky

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So glad to "see" you. Pleased to hear that you and Caitlin are holding tightly to one another. Also glad that Don is comfortable. It's a difficult time that you (all of you) are going through now.

I'm here at all hours if you need/want an ear. You know me, my sleeping schedule is a bit mucked since losing Nick.

Hugs to you all! You've got my love.

PROUD wife of Nick, age 49

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Hi Judy

You and Caitlin have served your time in hell. I am heartbroken for all of you. Been in your shoes and it truly sucks.
I am hoping Don is having some peace. You are his angel Judy. Do not ever forget what you have done for this beautiful man.

Know that I love you and I will ALWAYS be here for you.


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I am so sad that Don's outcome at the hospital was not better but so glad he has a chance to be at home with you, Caitlin, and his extended family.

I will be praying for comfort and peace.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams,
Grand Blanc, Michigan

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Hello Judy,

Thank you for helping me get added to the Facebook site. You are amazing, you take care of Don, deal with a very bad hospital experience and still help others on this board. Please know I have you Don and Caitlin in my thoughts and prayers.


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Judy, Glad Don is resting now. Even though we've never met in person, we are family on this board. I wish you and Caitlin comfort and peace during this difficult time. My prayers are with you all,

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If a physicians conduct has made it harder or hurt a patient, then that is considered Medical Malpractice.
Glad that Don is resting peacefully. FEC!!

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These days are so hard for the 3 of you. Glad to hear you have some comfort for Don. The nights as you said can be very long. In a little town in PA, a set of candles are lite hoping to bring you some light through the nights.
All are prayers to you.
Can't fix what you are going through now, but share your passion that this horrible cancer has to be stopped somehow and things need to change.

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Dear Judy,
I wish so much this wasn't the story that is playing out. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Don and Caitlin and all his family and friends. talk to the hospice people. Sometimes they can medicate the patient where they go to sleep and stay that way till the end. My prayers continue for all of you, many hugs and so sad that the drs did not do the right thing for sure when Don complained of pain. and yes FEC!!! I used to yell something similar to that on my way for treatments and radiation etc. I always thought 5 FU was so appropriate a name for that drug. love and many hugs,

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I can't get you guys out of my mind. I am thinking of you , and praying for you all.

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Thanks for the update, as you and Don and Caitlin have been in our thoughts and prayers. Glad that Don is comfortable.
I know it is so hard on you and Caitlin as you have reached this part of the journey. You have both done such a good job of fighting this battle with him.
Know that you are all wished comfort and peace.


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Judy, Thanks for the update. I've been thinking about you and Don every day. You're all in our prayers and thoughts. It's comforting to hear that Don is resting comfortably. Take care of him and yourself. the vengeance on those that that jerked Don and you around and caused you both so much pain will wait. But, when it's time find a major league medical malpractice attorney. Like with surgeons and doctors go to the very best you can find not some small town want to be.

You and Don have become family.


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I have been thinking of you and Don and Caitlin. You are so right, the days and nights are so long and hard and it is easy to get overcome with being the caregiver. Others warned me about this, and sometimes I wish I had not worried so much about the meds and the feedings and just spent more time holding him close. I never passed up an opportunity to tell Rickie I loved him, and he the same to me, and I feel that those days drew us so very close. I remember several years ago when my kiddos were getting ready to go off to college and all we seemed to do was argue about this and that; I had a friend tell me that that was God's way to making it easier to let them go. Now I think perhaps the intense feelings of love Rickie and I had for each other at the end were God's way of helping us let go, knowing that we had loved each other will all our hearts, and more than ever before. Kind of like saving the best of love for last. I wish you a peaceful journey my friends, filled with comfort and love,

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Hi Judy,
I can't tell you how unbelievably sad I feel at what has happened to Don.
I keep you in my daily prayers and hope that Don stays peaceful ans resting
and God hears his simply prayer. It's really isn't much to ask.
I hope you can find another attorney who will fight your case for you. It is
a crying shame for you all to have been let down so badly.
Thank you for being there for all of us and I know that I speak for all our
family when I say that I wish you strenght and love.
Hugs, prayers and love,
Marci x

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