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Sorry Ladies

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Sorry I havent been keeping updated, the computers been running really slow. I have been tolerating this treatment MUCH better than the last one the switch from the cisplatin to the carbo has made a huge differance. I have found a cocktail of meds that keep my nausea under control, I have been eating 3 meals a day AND keeping them down. My blood counts r still dropping alot though from the ifosfomide I had a blood transfusion yesterday and Im anemic again already. Yesterday they started me on high dose nupogen. So Im not neutropem which is nice.

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you are doing better. The fact that you are eating so well speaks volumes. It is so important to stay strong and as healthy as possible. I wish you the best as you continue with your treatment.


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I can't tell you how happy and relieved I am to read that you are doing so much better. I agree with Karen that the fact that you are eating so well AND keeping the food down speaks volumnes - yahoo! Sending prayers your way that you continue to do well and make progress.


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Glad to be done
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Felicia -

So happy to hear this treatment is going better than past treatments. Keep eating. You need to get your strenth up for the dirty girl mud run.... If I lived near you I would come do it with you.....

Good luck and you are in my prayers

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to hear that you can eat. That will make such a difference for you.
((((YIPPEE & HUGS))) Maria

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