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lung nodule

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hello all hope you are all doing as well as we can need a question answered by people who i think have abetter understanding can bc with no lymphnode involvement spread to lung should I be nervous or could it be something else im realy scared cat scan for lung nodule tuesday the wait is horrible hope all of you ladies are doing well my prayers are always with you all i dont get on much anymore work amd life r very busy so i want you to know you are all always in my thoughts


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Breast cancer can spread via blood or lymph nodes to other parts of the body even without local lymph node involvement.

There are many things that can cause problems with the lungs. Until you have the fact that it is cancer it is best not to let your mind speculate that it is. Inflammation is a real possibility along with many, many other factors.

Wishing you the best with your ct scan on Tuesday,


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I had Hodgkins Lymphoma twice and the radiation treatments often cause secondary cancers such as lung cancer. It also causes breast cancer which I had in 2007, no node involvement. Before then and since then, I have lung nodules. Docs have been watching then for 9 years. They do not know when it first appeared. We avoid CT scancs because of the radiation so its a little nerve wracking wondering if they have changed. I did have an emergency CT scan in 2010 and the 2003 lung nodules were stable. Just be prepared that the CT scan may not provide a black and white answer for you. Throughout the 23 years of surviving I have had many tests that snow ball into many more tests and thankfully, nothing was wrong. Emotionally, it was get wrenching.
Hoping that you nodule is benign and like Doris said, so many things can be causing this "nodule", even a shadow. So try not to worry as we know it won't help or change the situation. I know easier said than done. Good Luck

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I too have several small lung nodules that are being watched. They can be caused by many things. Radiation, an infection, smoking--even if you quit a long time ago. some parts of the country have a certain mold in the air that can cause then too. Mine were discovered on a CAT scan in June but a PET scan in July came back NED. When you have a history of cancer they just like to watch you more closely. My doc said about 95% of people have them..most are nothing.

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But the doctors know what they are doing. I am sitting on the boat as you are. I had a scan in Dec 2011 that showed nodules. Everyone thought "it's nothing" but the scans continue. New ones show up, old ones grow ... it's psychological warfare! My doctors cannot say if these nodules are cancer. I was told that when they are over 1cm, concern comes in. I do have 2 nodules that are over 1 cm and am waiting to have yet another scan to see if they grow again. It's scary as all hell. I do have a thoracic surgeon at Sloan Kettering and he is pretty optimistic these nodules are something else. Lots of things have happened that gives him this optimism. I had pneumonia last month and I think he is waiting to see if there are changes (ie--the nodules disappear)

So ... like the others have said ... it could be something else. I learned that some of the stuff on the scans are radiation related. Try to relax and not get to excited by this finding. Nodules are common. It's hard for a doctor to nail down the reason the nodules are there. My doctor did say that because I am a cancer survivor, it is important to stay vigilant with me. SO it's going to be part of my life ... this watch and wait game that is. I hate it, but I know it has to be done. The earlier a cancer is found, the better the prognosis.

Hope this helps


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Iam on this site because my wife was justdiagnosed with breast cancer. I have metastic prostate cancer that went to lungs and bladder. I was told by. The DR. In charge of radiosurgery, high dose radiation, that once a nodule gets bigger than 1.5 cm they cannot treat it. My five nodules were under 1cm. They treated them and they disappeared. I am on HT and Casodex, plus other drugs, but I was amazed.

Should your nodules get any bigger they might not be able to treat them. You might want to ask your dr. His game plan.

Good luck,


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I also have no lymph node involvement as well as a nodule on my lung. Several scans later, I'm now on the wait/watch timetable. Doesn't bother me in the slightest...but that calvarium hot spot, now that sometimes gives me pause for thought.


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