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Questions about metastatic urothelial cancer (transitional) of kidney - Help

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My father was just diagnosed Thursday with urothelial metastatic cancer of kidney. We meet with oncologist on Friday to discuss treatment. I am reaching out to anyone who has been diagnosed with this. We are still in shock. He is 74 and has had chronic kidney stones/infections since his early 20's. He has had hematuria off and on since he was young and this was brushed off as just his kidney stones until he got weak and was admitted to hospital. I would appreciate any input. Thank you.

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Hi Rondoo,
I am not specifically familiar with urothelial metastatic cancer of the kidney, but I am guessing your dad has kidney cancer that has spread to the tissue layer in the urinary tract. Is that correct? If so, I would expect that the treatment would be the same that you are reading about many of us on this particular message board. Some of us have had the primary tumors (or partial kidney, or the entire kidney) surgically removed, as well as the other metastatic areas if they able to be removed. This may be followed by a "wait and see" period, or may be followed by one of several drugs for kidney cancer such as Votrient, Sutent, Avastin, Nexavar, Torisel, and more. Some of the drugs are better for metastatic disease, some attempt to force the immune system to react, some stop tumors from developing new blood vessels, and others block proteins. It just depends on which type of renal cell carcinoma your dad has, and what treatment the oncologist thinks will work best with that type. Your father's age and physical health status will also be taken into account when making a determination. Keep us informed. We're here to support you!

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Thanks for the reply. His is not renal cell cancer. It is urothelial or transitional cell cancer that started in the renal pelvis and metastisized to the liver. My understanding is that urothelial is more common in the bladder. I am hoping that someone on here is familiar with it. Since it has metastasized, they will only do surgery if the chemotherapy is shrinking tumor. Thank you for the support. I am just looking for some hope or encouragement to hold on to because everything I am reading is too scary to think of.

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You might try acor.org for support and information. There is a bladder cancer category there. You may find others with experience with transitional cell cancer that originated in the renal pelvis rather than the bladder. It's a good site with lots of up to date information from those currently undergoing cancer treatment/diagnosis. Be aware that a lot of information you find on the web is outdated and/or worse case scenario.


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Thank you for the replies. i will check out the other sites also. God Bless you all.

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