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I saw you posted on another post. Been wondering about you and your husband. What's been going on? I miss you here.

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Thanks for asking. He started Folfox in April and is still taking it every other week. He is starting to get neuropathy in his fingers and toes. While treatment is tough, he continues to golf when he feels like it and is able to have pretty good quality of life. The battle has taken an emotional toll on me but I am trying to be the strength he needs right now. There are times when I am everything but. I am considering getting someone to talk to as I have chosen not to share with anyone. There is nothing they can do or say and this journey is tough enough without traveling it in front of an audience. I haven't been on the Boards for awhile because I have been wallowing in self pity. You and Craig make me realize that I should spend some time to give back what many on this Board gave to me; hope, concern, information, and a few laughs. I hope You are doing well. Lisa

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We all need a few laughs. When the 7 foot tall girl found out she could get her legs shortened, she wsnt for it. Everything tuned out fine.----- Till she stood up and found her hands came down yo her Knees. LOL

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