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Last week

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Four days after chemo I fainted in the bathroom and got a nice black eye. Can you picture a bald lady with a shiner...not a pretty site. I think it happened because I took a pain pill without eating. So be careful when taking one. I usually don't take one but sometimes it is needed. have any og you passed out...Val

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I'm so sorry that you fainted and ended up with a shiner but I'm grateful you didn't get injured more seriously. Hopefully, you reported the fainting spell to your oncologist, just to be safe. Those pain pills can be very powerful. I know I have to be careful because my blood pressure is typically on the low side and I sometimes have episodes of lightheadness, especially if I stand up suddenly. I myself never fainted while on chemo and the other medications, but my experience was rather easy compared with what you've endured.

Take care,

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Glad to be done
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hi Val..

So Sorry this happened to you. I passed out from dehydration after treatment #1 and hit my head on the way down. HAd to go to the hospital for mri to make sure I didnt have a concussion.... They also gave me to bags of fluids while I was there. I was on cisplatin/taxol and after the first and second treatmnet I had a problem with my blood pressure dropping when I stood up. I had to sit up and wait and then stand up slowly... By the third treatment that passed..

I hope that never happens to you again

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but I'm glad you weren't injured even worse. I haven't passed out, but I've fallen several times. In the few days after chemo, I don't take showers unless someone is in the house.
Feel better snd tell them "you should see the other guy!"
((((HUGS))) Maria

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My daughter and grandaughter ran into you on Sept. 7th and said you looked cute. Dressed all in teal, it takes more than a black-eye to keep you down!

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