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Now it is my cat

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I have 7 cats, all adopted as injured, stray, abused kittens. I am on SSI, so it's a struggle to keep them, but they are my only family.

My Jonathan went to the vet today, and he has oral cancer. Prognosis is very poor.
I am just devastated. He has gotten very thin, surgery is possible, but it's spread, so that's useless. I will have to put him down.

On top of my own, this is almost too much to bear.

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I feel so bad for you. Your dear cats are family and my heart hurts for you. I had to put my sweet baby down last fall when she was untreatable for cancer - and it was so hard. I wrote an obituary and sent to friends and put on FB. It was therapeutic for me.

My sincere condolences. Mary Ann

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I know how hard it is to handle losing such a loyal companion. About two weeks after my dog was diagnosed with inoperable cancer, I was diagnosed with cancer. I actually took my dog in for a second opinion, but didn't go for one myself. She saw me though some pretty rough times and was aptly named Joy. On the second day of my vacation last month, my dad told me he had her put down after a very tough night. I was devastated. I know I didn't have the courage to do it and spent a lot of money trying to help her live a quality, pain free life. I'm praying that you will find comfort in the memory of your companion. Thanks for being there to take in pets who need homes.

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So sorry about your cat. It's tough to lose someone that has been there for you. I look at it that everything we have: family, pets, friends, even our lives, are all gifts to us from God. They all are just on loan to us, they don't belong to us and must return to Him in the end. I know not everyone believes this but it is what I believe. I hope that you are able to find some peace and comfort in the time you've had with your friend. Hugs, Ruffy

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like you said animal loss is almost too much to bear under normal circumstances.
Take care...

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I am so sad about your cat. I know how hard it is to get attached to a pet and then have them get sick or die. My thoughts are with you and hope you get comfort from knowing you gave the cat a loving home.

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That really hurts to hear! I came home to a wonderful surprise! My sweet ten year old Calico cat had delivered two darling kittens! Wish I could send you one! I call them Nite and Day. Nite is white with a few black spots and black tail and Day is white with a few orange spots an a orange tail! I'm getting a full house again! Best, debrajo

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Jonathan is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. I asked them to sedate him and go in and take a look before they do anything. I will know more when they call me. If it's good for his welfare to operate, yes, if no, then I must put him down.

I went to Dartmouth today, no sleep at all last night, was there from 7-9:30. I am exhausted emotionally and physically. The worst of it is Jonathan.

Your understanding means a lot.

My other three males are gathering around me in bed, lying on me, looking at me. I think they know something's wrong. (The females could care less, being top-cat queens).

Yes, our beloved furries are on loan. We are on loan, too, given the enormous gift of life for only a short while. A wise friend told me that instead of grieving, we should try to celebrate the life of the animal (or person, for that matter), and take joy in the love we shared and what we gave each other.

A therapist said to me, after I lost a partner to cancer: "Would you rather not have had the experience and been spared this pain?" Gave me pause to think.

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I'm a mother of cats who were strays. It seems like everything happens at the same time! When I was feeling the lowest I lost three of my guys within a few months. My heart is still broken. I have to think that at least they had ten good years with me. If they were left to live as ferals they would have been gone a long time ago. At least they got to know what it feels like to be loved. I miss them so. Thank goodness I still have my other guys. It makes us remember life is a gift and enjoy and be thankful for our time together because it can all change tomorrow.

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How painful to lose three. How many do you still have?

You are right. Mine would doubtless be dead had I not taken them in, had them treated, and cared for them. My other 6 all seem healthy, but so did Jonathan up to two weeks before I caught it.

I keep seeing Jonathan in his old places. I am taken aback and shocked that he's not there, and then I remember - and, of course, cry.

The cancer alone is a huge loss, and having our dear furries go at the same time is another huge loss. The death of the animals reminds me of the season, plants and the earth winding down, some dying, only to return next spring. But spring does come.

Heart going out to you.

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