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More news :(

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Hello Dearhearts

As promised, this is my after the doc visit update.

Well my bone marrow has not come back to life. Major bummer. So the doc is now in the process of settting up an admit to the hospital so that I can receive the needed transfusions. It will have to be an overnight stay. I so had hoped that my blood counts would have started to climb back up. But at least this way I will be able to start feeling a little better a little bit faster.

My doc said that he thinks I am at the halfway point in my recovery, or very close to it. I had hoped to be farther along but I'll take halfway over a quarter way. So I am moving forward, just really slowly.

He is concerned about the swelling and is thinking it may be either my liver or my heart. Not the kidney. So we have ruled out one and just have to narrow it down. My liver numbers are really low. This could be caused by malnutrition. He did an ekg and I will need to see a cardiologist next week. Also need to get an echo cardiogram, possibly I can get that done when I am admitted to the hospital.

So that is the latest news. Feeling kind of down right now. Sometimes I just feel like it's to much for one person. I want and need a break. But, it is what it is and I will get through this too.

thanks for always being there for me.


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Sorry Lisha about everything you are going through! I hope the docs will figure out what the problem is concerning the swelling! I know it can be hard to stay positive but please don't give up hope! You at least are half way there with the pain and recovery. Just keep at it and I understand when you say one step forward and two steps back sometimes I feel like that but we just have to stay strong and keep going (there's no other choice)! Sending positive thoughts and keeping you in my prayers. Hugs


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Hi Lisha,
I was so wishing for better results today with your blood counts...I'm so sorry! I've been so fortunate with not having issues with my blood work, even throughout chemo. I assume the transfusion will boost the counts pretty fast, or is it a slow process no matter what they do? I'm glad they ruled out your kidneys, but the heart thing is still rather scary...hope they figure that out quickly. Well, sweetie...I know you are so worn out with how long it's taking to feel better, but there is progress being made, so don't give up hope. Please let us know when you go in for the over night stay at the hospital. Hopefully you will come out feeling somewhat better. I'm keeping positive thoughts and prayers coming your way. Love you...Sue

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So sorry to hear of this latest setback. You sure have had your fair share lately. Praying that the hospital stay will help you feel better and get your blood levels up to where they should be.

Prayers and hugs,

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Hi Lisha,

I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to check out the posts.
I think you will start to feel better after the transfusions.
Halfway is twice as good as one quarter so that's a good thing :).

I'm really sorry you're having to go through this but I'm optimistic
you'll start feeling better soon. Please keep us posted as you always do
(and if you feel up to it).

Big warm hugs,


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I really hate that you have to go through this,but if your are like me, I would try to look at it that the glass is half full...... Keep saying to yourself, I'm half way there! Always praying for you Vinny

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You know I can't resist posting to you.You have been on here as long as I have. I wish those blood work test were in the higher range. My rbc's are not as high as they were before all this,but the Onc.says they are fine. Guess I have to go by what he says. I am sure it has a lot to do with not feeling 100%. We had a member on here( Vinny) that had really low counts one time. One of his counts was down to Zero,but they did eventually start to rise. Hopefully the same will happen in this case. John

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