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Stand up to cancer

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I just watched the program and boy it was hard to take. All the stories break your heart but the ones about children are torture to watch. These children show such heart and bravery. They have so much to teach us, all of us.

There is also a lot of hope offered by people who have exceeded the time they were told they had, by the new treatments coming out every day and by knowing that there is a whole community of people who are doing what they can to in order to eradicate the scourge of cancer.

I sometimes feel ashamed that I don't speak out more to spread awareness but I hate being the voice of doom and gloom. I also prefer to keep cancer on the back burner in my life as much as possible.


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Darn it I forgot I was going to watch that.Maybe I can get it on demand later.

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The stories of each person, especially the children, were so moving. It's mind-boggling to know that there are so many people in our "club", who know what we're going through.


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Glad to be done
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My husband and I watched it too. Each story brough tears to my eyes. No child should have to go through that. Of course I cried through Tim McGraws song. It always used to make my eyes well with tear... Now when I hear it they roll right down my cheeks....

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