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transplant has started

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today i had the first step of the transplant procedure i had the line placed, tomorrow is retuxan and then the big guns, one week from today i get my new stem cell, i wonder if anything will be different with a new blood type if anyone has had an allo transplant i hope you will anwser a couple of questions for me

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Hi Denise,
Dang... I forgot to wish you good luck today(even had it written down)... I'm so sorry! I know this is huge in you reaching remission. I promised to be there every step of the way with you, so I promise I will do better remembering your various treatment dates. Good luck tomorrow with the Rituxan. They will put it in very slowly and watch you closely, so try not to worry. I can't help with your question about "blood types", but someone will answer you soon I suspect. Thanks so much for taking time to share...we care and appreciate it so much. Hang in there dear lady and know you are in my daily prayers. Much love to you...Sue

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Hey Denise,

Hopefully someone will answer your questions soon.

Sending you big hugs and positive energy on this part
of your journey.


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Hi Denise,
Praying that everything goes well for you. Stay positive you can do this, just stay focused on the end result (remission)! Please let us know how you are doing when you get a chance and feel up to it. Keeping you in my prayers! Hugs


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I know nothing about sct. Wish I did so I could answer your question. I just want to wish you luck and I am sure all will work out fine. John

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Your blood type will change to your donors. Plus the traits jk

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Don't know much about SCT Denise,

I'm praying for you; that all goes well---and for your complete remission---- and rapid recovery!!

hugs and lovin' prayers be with you!!


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